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Definition and classification of premature ejaculation

The term "premature ejaculation" throughout the twentieth century and still refers to the subject of discussion in modern andrology and sexopathology. The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) defines this ...
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Sildenafil – The mechanism of action

The realization of the physiological mechanism of erection is associated with the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the cavernous body during sexual stimulation. This, in turn, leads to an ...
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Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction today

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is a widespread condition that is not life – threatening, but affects the physical and mental health of men. ED has a significant impact ...
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Erectile dysfunction (ED) and cardiovascular diseases

Numerous studies in recent years have proven the relationship between ED and cardiovascular diseases. They are often caused by atherosclerosis, which is preceded by dyslipidemia. Atherosclerosis of the arteries of ...
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Erectile dysfunction in diseases of the internal organs

There are numerous risk factors that create favorable conditions for the development of erectile dysfunction (ED): atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, kidney and liver failure, nervous (neuroses, multiple sclerosis, ...
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Erectile dysfunction: modern clinical practice

It is noted that in the treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction, drugs that include biologically active substances isolated from long-leaved eureka and epimedium grass are widely used. They are ...
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Restoration of potency after transurethral resection

Transurethral resection of the prostate is a minimally invasive and effective operation that is prescribed to patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Despite the minimal invasiveness, this method is characterized by ...
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How to replace Viagra – effective natural substitutes

Replace Viagra with natural aphrodisiacs Natural aphrodisiacs affect erectile function and increase sexual activity, but they can not be considered a full-fledged substitute for Viagra. Yes, they increase sexual arousal, ...
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Celebrities who take Viagra

Viagra has become an icon of the pharmaceutical industry. It can be said that this is the so-called celebrity pill that is constantly making noise in the world. Having appeared ...
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Pulmonary hypertension in children and an erection drug: where is the connection?

Despite the active use and phenomenal success of the new drug in the field of normalization of sexual life. Scientists are not in a hurry to abandon further research. For ...
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