In this section, we publish articles about men’s health, existing ways to improve the quality of erection, and the correct use of medications for erectile dysfunction. When working on posts for the blog, we take counsel from specialists in urology and pharmacology. Their expert opinion allows us provide you with the maximum of extremely honest information on the use of Viagra and similar medicines for a variety of purposes, as well as on the natural treatments of impotence. We care about you, and our blog will help you make the right choice in order to get rid of erection difficulties forever.

Pandemic-related sexual problems

Today, I propose to discuss global pandemic-related sexual problems. Let us talk about the challenges that people around the world face due to COVID, how to improve sex in these ...
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Why is Sildenafil better than other drugs for impotence?

Most men, at the first signs of impotence, choose taking medications based on Sildenafil. However, is Sildenafil better than other erectile dysfunction drugs? Let's try to figure it out together ...
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The relationship between impotence and prostatitis

Does any direct connection between impotence and prostatitis really exist? What should a men who have noticed the very first symptoms of prostatitis, but do not want to give up ...
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What happens if a woman, teenager or child takes Viagra?

We talk a lot about the proper and safe use of the magic blue pills in men – both healthy and not. However, today I would like to answer another ...
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Sexual health COVID risks in men

Unfortunately, more and more people around the world get COVID. But right now I would like to talk not about the virus itself, but about its complications. In particular, let ...
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My battle with impotence

Today, I would like to share my personal experience of a battle with impotence. I know that many doctors prefer not to talk about their own health problems. However, we ...
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Easing Viagra side effects

In fact, the blue pills adored by many of most often demonstrate have high efficiency and safety. However, some men still face some unpleasant consequences. Therefore, today we will talk ...
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How does porn affect erection?

Is it true that watching porn makes your erection worse? In fact, this fairly common opinion might be both correct and absolutely wrong. People often ask how does porn affect ...
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Not just impotence: Sildenafil for Raynaud’s syndrome

As I already mentioned in my articles on this website, doctors use Sildenafil (Viagra) for more purposes than just treating erectile dysfunction. For example, recently, scientists started studying the properties ...
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Does Viagra addiction really exist?

Today I want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions about Viagra. People often ask me whether Viagra addiction exists or not. You might think that the very ...
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