Celebrities who take Viagra

Viagra has become an icon of the pharmaceutical industry. It can be said that this is the so-called celebrity pill that is constantly making noise in the world. Having appeared on the market in 1998, Viagra has since completely changed the world. A large number of men were given the opportunity to overcome their sexual problems and regain their young years. Celebrities also take Viagra and do not hide it.

People started calling it the “Magic Blue Pill”; he even became a hero of modern lyrics, especially rap and popular late-night shows. Unsurprisingly, it soon caught the attention of celebrities. Being ordinary people with their own health problems, some celebrities try to solve their problems with Viagra, some of them take the pill just for fun. Some famous personalities make a kind of show or participate in an advertising campaign.

In this article, we have collected the most famous cases where celebrities admit to taking Viagra pills. So, you will find out who has had a positive experience and who has suffered from negative ones.

Celebrities who take Viagra: Getting an interesting experience

A few years ago, Michael Douglas, the famous “Wall Street” and “Basic Instinct” actor, suddenly revealed his secret that he took Viagra for making his sex life more exciting. Mr Douglas ‘ wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is 25 years younger than him, which is why the actor is so keen to maintain his sex life despite being 72. He admitted that he and his wife had great moments when he used Viagra or Cialis. There is no doubt that Viagra and sexual harmony help him keep in shape and look like a million dollars.

Celebrities who take Viagra

Jack Nicholson, a controversial Hollywood star, is famous for his countless love affairs with women. He even claimed to have sex with more than 1,000 women. We don’t know if this is true or not, but his reputation as a womanizer is world-famous. He is 78 years old and full of energy and sexual attraction. His experience of taking Viagra was described in a mischievous phrase: “I take Viagra when I’m with more than one woman.”

Hugh Hefner, the famous founder of Playboy magazine, who has always been surrounded by women much younger than him, is proud to say that Viagra helps him maintain an active sex life. He said he took the blue pill every time he was going to have sex, even at the age of 84. Now he is 89 years old and does not want to stop his sexual experiments.

“Guys who weren’t very lucky with Viagra»

Not all famous people are so lucky to have a good experience and push their sexuality to new limits. Some of them experienced unwanted side effects and stopped taking Viagra completely.

Ben Affleck, the famous actor and ex-husband of Jennifer Gardner, once tried Viagra and was very disappointed with its effect on him. In his interview with “Playboy”, he admitted that he took only half a dose and felt that he was suffering from a heart attack. Sweat and dizziness gathered together. And there are no sexual effects at all. We don’t know if Ben Affleck used other PDE5 inhibitors, such as Cialis or Levitra, and their generics. Perhaps Ben’s only option now is to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a successful sex life.

Opinion of famous personalities about Viagra

The first person to speak out about Viagra was 74-year-old Robert Dole – a well-known American politician. He tried Viagra with his wife and was delighted. Advanced age and a complex operation (removal of the prostate gland) that was carried out several years ago did not become an obstacle to achieving the desired result. A popular and respected American politician with his statement: “This is wonderful!”, provoked a stir around Viagra, giving the advertising campaign an incredible scope.

Paulo Santana, a 58-year-old Brazilian columnist who already has grandchildren, was very pleased. This is what he said in an interview for Newsweek magazine. He managed to try Viagra two weeks before it was officially approved in Brazil. Paulo Santana shared his feelings in the newspaper “Zera Ora”. He told not only about the longer and more intense pleasure, but also about the pride that he felt for the sensual delight delivered to his partner. He called Viagra the elixir of eternal youth and urged to buy it, “without saving on happiness”. There is no doubt that there is some truth in Paulo’s statement. Even today, scientists do not stop actively studying the problem of the dependence of a beautiful physical condition on a regular sexual life.

about Viagra

Hartmut Porst, a well-known urologist in Germany, expressed confidence that most men who want to lead an active sexual life will turn to Viagra for help. He said this in an interview with the magazine “Spiegel”.

Stefano Tacconi – 41-year-old Italian football player, the star of “Juventus” shared in the local press his impressions of the use of Viagra. He said that the pill increased the duration of sexual intercourse by half, however, said at the same time that it was too early for him to use this drug.

What famous women say about viagra

Women also expressed their opinion on this issue. Susie Bright, a columnist for Salon magazine, noted the amazing effect of the drug, reminiscent of “melting inside a chocolate cream.” She noted another effect, which was expressed in the flow of blood to the pelvis. As a result, Viagra cured lower back pain.

At one time, an amazing advertising campaign for Viagre was held at a fashion show from Versace. The models walked down the runway in semi-transparent, condom-like suits. Their clothes were all beaded with Viagra pills. At the same time, the audience surrounding the podium was actively poured with champagne, in which Viagra was dissolved.

How smoking affects potency

Dear smokers, I have bad news for you. In fact, the naked truth that smoking affects potency in a negative way has been known for a long time. You yourself have definitely seen the warning labels and pictures on cigarette packs. Moreover, you may have heard the medical term “nicotine impotence”. Anyway, today I propose to talk about the connection between erectile dysfunction and smoking.

The effect of nicotine on male sexual function

Most men have real phobia of impotence. However, many imagine this diagnosis as a complete loss of erection. Meanwhile, in fact, erectile dysfunction most often manifests itself as insufficient firmness of the penis.

The condition of this male organ depends on a symbiosis of factors, including blood circulation. Obviously, smoking has a negative effect on blood vessels. Thus, smoking affects potency – indirectly and negatively.

First, nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict. In addition, it provokes a spasm of the vascular walls. This, in turn, affects the arteries of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, as well as the penis. With prolonged abuse of nicotine, the structure of blood vessels and their ability to relax worsen, they lose former firmness and elasticity.

Some studies on the effect of smoking on potency

A number of studies have shown that the negative effects of smoking on blood vessels and sexual function are in most cases reversible. In other words, if you give up the bad habit, you can return to a normal erection over time. However, in order to speed up the process, better use the drugs for erectile dysfunction at the same time.

smoking affects potency

One of the scientific studies has shown that problems with potency attack more than half (53%) of smokers aged 40 to 47 years. By the way, smoking affects potency in different ways. In particular, men may complain of a weak erection, difficulty in maintaining it, early ejaculation, or, conversely, the inability to finish.

Scientists have also found that the likelihood of problems and their intensity correlate with smoking history. Men who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day are 60% more likely to develop impotence than non-smokers. For ex-smokers, the risk is 15% higher than for those who have never abused nicotine. Diagnosed impotence in smokers occurs 30% more often than in people without such bad habits.

Other effects of smoking and factors important for male health

Of course, smoking affects potency, but it also negatively influences the quality indicators of sperm. Smokers have a decrease in sperm count, spermatozoids become less mobile. So, if you want to not only enjoy quality sex, but also become a father, better quit smoking as soon as possible.

However, do not try to focus only on how smoking affects potency. Do not forget that other factors – a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, stress, and so on – also negatively affect male sexual power.