Today, I propose to discuss global pandemic-related sexual problems. Let us talk about the challenges that people around the world face due to COVID, how to improve sex in these hard times, and which new important rules to follow.

It has long been known (a study was conducted by one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world) that during the pandemic people spent in bed making love much less time than usually. Also, for obvious reasons, men and women almost everywhere had less sex. Due to lockdowns and social distancing, health fears and the growth of depressive moods our intimate lives got worth.

But I would like to mention some other pandemic-related sexual problems, too.

Some other pandemic-related sexual problems causes

First of all, the reason for less and worse sex lies in the psychological reasons. Due to the fear of infection and of the future in general, many people experience anxiety. In addition, many have both psychological and financial difficulties, which often lead to depression – another trigger of pandemic-related sexual problems. Unfortunately, you cannot figure it all out by vaccinating.

pandemic-related sexual problems

Also, when life gets this difficult, many people just don’t have time for sex. On the other hand, the lack of sex and emotional intimacy can lead to even greater depression. A vicious circle! So, what to do? First of all, seek intimacy despite the daily difficulties. In case of physiological problems with erection, take special medications.

The rules for safe and successful sex during the pandemic

Now, after talking about pandemic-related sexual problems, I’ll give you a few simple tips that will help enjoy safe, high-quality sex even these days:

  • Literally make an effort to forget all your worries and go back to your normal intimate life.
  • Ask your doctor for a prescription to purchase pills to improve erection quality, or search for them on the Internet, so that you can be ready for a sexual adventure whenever you need them.
  • Don’t have sex if you have a diagnosis or symptoms of the virus. During the recovery period, refrain from unnecessary stress and physical loads. Also, self-isolate in order not to infect anyone.
  • To avoid pandemic-related sexual problems, be even more careful in case of one-night stands. Avoid kissing, use protective equipment and contraception.
  • Do not forget that the virus spreads through all types of mucous membranes. So, take care not only of hand hygiene, but also of the whole body, including the genitals.