Easing Viagra side effects

In fact, the blue pills adored by many of most often demonstrate have high efficiency and safety. However, some men still face some unpleasant consequences. Therefore, today we will talk about easing Viagra side effects. Any can cope with them quite easily, not stopping taking the magic sex improving tablets.

What to do for easing Viagra side effects?

As you know, the most common side effects of Viagra include headache, nasal congestion, or even nosebleeds, and a feeling of heat in the face, neck and chest. Now, let’s talk about easing Viagra side effects like these in more detail.

  • Headache. Some men, while taking Viagra and other similar medications, complain of headaches. Moreover, some patients may suffer it up to three days after taking the blue pill. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often, and anyone can easily deal with it. In particular, you can take regular Aspirin, any drug based on acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol and caffeine, or any other pain relief medicine you prefer.
  • Nasal congestion. In fact, we cannot advise any specific medicine for this. However, you can try simply rinsing the nasopharynx using a pharmacy or homemade formula.
  • “Hot flashes”, as in women during menopause. Unfortunately, you cannot stop or even significantly ease this symptom. On the other hand, you will not really suffer.

What side effects might indicate a dangerous situation?

In some cases, the body’s reaction to the drug can be unexpected and even dangerous. If you worry about abnormal symptoms, forget about easing Viagra side effects, but see a doctor as soon as possible.

Here are some warning signs:

  • Painful or prolonged (lasting more than 4 hours) erection. If this happens, a patient may suffer from both symptoms at once. Better go to an ambulance as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing the opportunity to enjoy sex forever.
  • A sharp deterioration in vision. Although stories of people blinded by these pills are just rumors, some patients may experience vision problems for real. If they recur or the situation worsens, stop taking the drug at least temporarily and make an appointment with a specialist.
  • Heart problems. Anyone who has experienced severe chest pain and other symptoms of a heart attack should seek immediate medical attention. Do not even think of easing Viagra side effects on yourself in this case. Also, mind abnormal changes in heart rate or blood pressure.

Tips on easing Viagra side effects

We emphasize once again that such consequences of taking Viagra are extremely rare. They usually indicate that the patient suffers from other serious medical conditions. In addition, it may happen when a man takes the medicine in a wrong way. So, always follow the instructions for use!

How does porn affect erection?

Is it true that watching porn makes your erection worse? In fact, this fairly common opinion might be both correct and absolutely wrong. People often ask how does porn affect erection. Quite many patients complain of erectile dysfunction of a probably psychogenic nature, and in the process of collecting anamnesis, it turns out that sufferers abuse porn viewing. But what about the very idea that porn affects erection negatively, and even directly? Today I will try to answer this question.

Why do men and women believe that porn has an impact on erection?

As a rule, men with the first signs of impotence, terrified of serious diseases, try to find the simplest explanation for their illness. Such a convenient approach! After all, if porn affects erection, just stop watching it – and you will be fine, even without potent drugs. Wives of patients with erectile dysfunction can put pressure on their spouses just because they do not like this habit for some reason.

porn affect erection

Groups of researchers have conducted experiments on the correlation between porn and erection quality. They wanted to ask a question of how does porn affect erection. But in fact, no serious scientific work on the topic with real evidence still exists. On the other hand, my colleagues and I have come across a lot of case histories where porn actually affected erections in specific patients. However, actually all of them were psychological or near-psychological.

Psychological aspects and consequences of watching porn for erection

First, if you abuse porn, especially “exotic” or “hard” genres, you may have less or no arousal in real sex with “normal” partners. And, without arousal, there will be no erection. Moreover, even “magic” Viagra will work only if you get excited at least a little.

This can be compared to coffee. At first, you wake up with one cup, then you need five a day, and then nothing works at all.

On the other hand, during the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a specialist may advise you to watch porn on the contrary. However, most likely, in moderation. Short and not too radical videos will help you get excited so that the pills will work.

Do not forget that porn differs from the usual sex of ordinary people in real life a lot. Most people with specific tastes have difficulties in finding a matching partner. In addition, the creators of these films have a whole arsenal of “tricks.” Even a true fan of porn can be shocked finding himself on the set.

Do not forget that men often suffer from physiologically determined impotence, too. In this case, do not overestimate the possible impact of porn movies on an erection, but search for the cause of such problems, and treat the underlying disease.