The first person to speak out about Viagra was 74-year-old Robert Dole – a well-known American politician. He tried Viagra with his wife and was delighted. Advanced age and a complex operation (removal of the prostate gland) that was carried out several years ago did not become an obstacle to achieving the desired result. A popular and respected American politician with his statement: “This is wonderful!”, provoked a stir around Viagra, giving the advertising campaign an incredible scope.

Paulo Santana, a 58-year-old Brazilian columnist who already has grandchildren, was very pleased. This is what he said in an interview for Newsweek magazine. He managed to try Viagra two weeks before it was officially approved in Brazil. Paulo Santana shared his feelings in the newspaper “Zera Ora”. He told not only about the longer and more intense pleasure, but also about the pride that he felt for the sensual delight delivered to his partner. He called Viagra the elixir of eternal youth and urged to buy it, “without saving on happiness”. There is no doubt that there is some truth in Paulo’s statement. Even today, scientists do not stop actively studying the problem of the dependence of a beautiful physical condition on a regular sexual life.

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Hartmut Porst, a well-known urologist in Germany, expressed confidence that most men who want to lead an active sexual life will turn to Viagra for help. He said this in an interview with the magazine “Spiegel”.

Stefano Tacconi – 41-year-old Italian football player, the star of “Juventus” shared in the local press his impressions of the use of Viagra. He said that the pill increased the duration of sexual intercourse by half, however, said at the same time that it was too early for him to use this drug.

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Women also expressed their opinion on this issue. Susie Bright, a columnist for Salon magazine, noted the amazing effect of the drug, reminiscent of “melting inside a chocolate cream.” She noted another effect, which was expressed in the flow of blood to the pelvis. As a result, Viagra cured lower back pain.

At one time, an amazing advertising campaign for Viagre was held at a fashion show from Versace. The models walked down the runway in semi-transparent, condom-like suits. Their clothes were all beaded with Viagra pills. At the same time, the audience surrounding the podium was actively poured with champagne, in which Viagra was dissolved.