Women’s Viagra

Maybe, women’s Viagra is another win in our fight for human rights, although its pink color might remind you of Barbie dolls. The greatest news is that the properties of female version of the popular drug seem to be even more effective! In particular, unlike male equivalent, women’s Viagra increases the opportunity to have multiple orgasms. Men could only dream of that. Absolutely, women deserve such a qualitative improvement in their lives and sexual rights.

In fact, women’s Viagra has a wider range of action. In particular, the capsules provoke sleeping libido, restore normal lubrication, and make sex better. Moreover, they prolong and multiple orgasms, but also ease the symptoms of menopause in women. All this happens due to Sildenafil, which is responsible for the properties of the medicine. This substance increases blood flow in the pelvic area, including clitoris, and this process triggers natural sexual excitement. As we all know, the main reason for improper sex in ladies is a lack of desire. Fortunately, women’s Viagra easily deals with that. The strangest thing is that the same ingredient, Sildenafil citrate, also treats male sexual problems, which are normally based on erection quality.

How women’s Viagra works

Since women’s Viagra contributes to lubrication development, it can also be taken before and during menopause. The older we get, the harder it is to enjoy sex because of certain changes in the body. Thanks to the pink pills, even climacteric period could bring a lot of happiness to any woman. Just take a tablet, relax, listen to your body, and wait a little: women’s Viagra will do the rest. A lack of desire, lubrication and pleasure from sex is not the only problem a woman could face when it comes to menopause. Fortunately, female Viagra copes with such symptoms as pain and mood swings, too. Due to the action of the drug, serotonin increases, and a person becomes less stressed and happier.
womens viagraOf course, womens Viagra increases libido in young women as well. Additionally, doctors may prescribe this medicine for HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) and FSIAD (female sexual interest/arousal disorder), to ease hormonal swings after serious operations on female reproductive organs, and for certain other conditions. No matter how old are you, and whether you suffer from vaginal dryness due to psychological or physiological reasons, women’s Viagra will easily and safely fix the problem.

Female Viagra

The new version of the famous drug called Viagra was developed for women. It intends to solve several common female problems at once. Initially, the medicine was invented as a remedy for certain menopause symptoms. Then, during clinical studies, it was found out that female Viagra makes sex better, so practically any woman can use the pills for her own pleasure.

These pink capsules increase the amount of lubrication, improve sex drive, and make orgasms more intense. Better vaginal lubrication enhances rapture while making love and during sexual climax. Moreover, Viagra for women makes it more achievable to pass through multiple orgasms. All these magic effects are mainly due to the increase of blood flow in genital area, just like in men. Now, female Viagra becomes popular as an approved means for changing sexual life in women for better. In addition, it helps coping with unpleasant signs of menopause.

Buy female Viagra

How to use this version of Viagra? As with the male equivalent of the medicine, doctors recommend to start with the pills at a dosage of 50 mg. If it seems not enough, and if the body tolerates the drug well, later you can increase the dose. Unlike the blue tablets, Viagra for women may take a bit longer to act. Therefore, doctors advise to take it about an hour before sex. The rest is almost absolutely the same. Do not take female Viagra along with fatty or heavy meals and avoid alcohol abuse. Also, do not expect that the medication will act like an aphrodisiac, without natural sexual stimulation and normal arousal.

Female Viagra guide

No matter how healthy you are, carefully read the instructions before you start using female Viagra which will certainly bring you unforgettable sex. In such a way, you will guarantee yourself the maximum effect. Besides, you will avoid complications and minimize possible side effects. Women with certain chronic diseases, such as liver or kidney insufficiency, cannot take these pills in order not to risk their health. If you still want to experiment, discuss the possibility to take Viagra and the proper dose with your physician and other specialists, if needed.

As already mentioned above, female Viagra works like a popper. Sildenafil citrate (active substance is the same for both male and female versions of the medicine) increases blood flow in the genitals. Because of this, clitoris and vulva get more sensitive. This kind of pleasant irritation leads to appearance of natural desire and normal lubrication. As a result, a woman not just CAN have sex, but will surely enjoy it, from the beginning till the end. Do not forget that pink Viagra increases women’s chances to come, and even to have multiple orgasms.

Viagra for women

While Viagra for men is widely known and used for decades, the properties of the newer female version of the medication are still debated. However, both the effectiveness and safety of Viagra for women are already proven by preclinical and clinical studies and various trials. In this article, we have gathered all the main information on this kind of sex-improving medicine.

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You know that male pills are of blue color. Obviously, Viagra for women was designed in pink! The active substance of the drug does not differ for male and female versions, that is Sildenafil citrate. It acts almost the same. Also, it might provoke nearly the same side effects and consequences. On the other hand, it affects the body in far different ways.

Benefits of Viagra for women

You might be surprised, but Viagra for ladies has almost no disadvantages. Moreover, female pills have more benefits than the well-known blue tablets for men. While men cannot even start making love without a quality erection, ladies have other intimate problems. First of all, Viagra helps women get sexually excited. In addition, it triggers natural lubrication, which is essential for good sex, and increases its amount. Thus, pleasant sensations during coitus enhance.

But what is really impressive, Viagra for women increases the likeness of climaxing, and even the probability of having multiple orgasms! All these effects practically mean that female Viagra provokes libido in women and makes their orgasms brighter. In other words, it helps them get the maximum pleasure in bed.

Women can also use Viagra in menopause, both natural or caused by certain surgery. In such cases, the medicine helps bring back desire and lubrication necessary for normal sex.

Sildenafil in female version of the drug

Due to the properties of Sildenafil citrate, Viagra increases the flow of blood in the genital area, including clitoris and vulva. When poured with blood, female organs become more sensible. So, a woman gets naturally excited, especially after gentle stimulation. Due to increased amount of lubrication, she can get more pleasure from sex, and can enjoy it longer than usual. Many ladies get orgasm for the very first time with the help of Viagra for women. In addition to physiological effect, the drug brings physiological relief, too.

But what arguments use those who criticize Viagra for women? Some talk of hormones which are different in men and women. Others remind of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and so on. Most stupid men even declare that any girl can have sex anytime, since erection is not involved in the process. Therefore, there is no need in any pills, they say. Seems like someone has forgotten about human rights and equality, dudes!

Viagra for men

Viagra for men is already known for more than twenty years. It was patented in 1996, and was approved as an impotence treatment in 1998. The drug still remains the most popular among people all over the world. The reason lies in its high effectiveness in normalizing erections and improving sex, and its absolute safety for the human body. By the way, everybody’s talking about Viagra for men, but not long ago a new female equivalent of the medicine has appeared, too. From now on, women can also afford having better sex and more orgasms.

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In fact, hundreds of drugs can treat erectile dysfunction in men. Why do doctors insist that Sildenafil is the best? First of all, it happens because of the proven effectiveness and safety of Viagra for men. In addition, this medicine has the ultimate quality for its price. Also, Viagra starts to act really fast, and lasts exactly as long as most men love to fuck.

The use of drugs for erectile dysfunction in men

You just have to take one tablet with plenty of still water about half an hour before the planned sex. Soon you’ll notice a hard-on that will last for hours. That means you will definitely satisfy your partner, but also get the maximum pleasure for yourself. But Viagra for men is not an aphrodisiac. Therefore, to have a firm erection, you will still need some natural sexual stimulation in order to get aroused first. Some prefer petting, others masturbate, and many just have to watch porn a bit.

Since Sildenafil makes you more self-confident, it has a hidden psychological effect. That is, stress or depression no longer affect your boner and sexual life in general.

The principle of action of Viagra

Let us understand the principle of action of Viagra for men medicine in any form of the drug. We all know that the medicine can easily cure erectile dysfunction of almost any origin and severity in most patients, regardless of their age. But how it works?

Sildenafil in the composition of Viagra for men inhibits cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This enzyme affects erections in men by releasing nitric oxide in the cavernous bodies of the phallus when a man is naturally excited. In other words, the substance blocks the negative effect of the ferment PDE5. This process, in turn, causes relaxation of the smooth muscles, and increases the flow of blood in the penis area. As a result, Viagra for men makes it possible to achieve a strong erection, and keep it long enough to enjoy full-fledged sex.

Statistics for the use of Viagra in men

According to various research, 100mg Viagra helps cope with impotence more than 80% of men, 50mg Viagra improves erections in about 75% of patients, and 25mg Viagra works in more than 60% cases. The studies involved men aged 19 to 87 (!) years, suffering from erectile dysfunction of different etymology. Seems like Viagra for men really does miracles.

Viagra side effects

More and more men who have got mild to severe difficulties with obtaining and maintaining an erection successfully cope with such problems with the help of Viagra. Since its invention more than two decades ago, it remains the most effective and safe remedy for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Moreover, many people use this medication in recreational purposes. That is, just to make their sexual lives more exciting. That is why it is extremely important to understand how the drug works, and what are Viagra side effects.

Most common ones

Among the most common Viagra side effects are headache, dizziness and. They also include facial flushing, digestive disorders, runny or stuffy nose, and nosebleeds. In rare cases, Sildenafil might also cause sleeping problems, such as insomnia, and vision disorders, including color blindness and increased sensitivity to light. In addition, some patients mention tingling or numbness in the hands or legs, ringing in the ears or other hearing problems, burning sensation while urinating.

Do not worry, since normally these Viagra side effects are quite modest, and certainly temporary. As soon as the substance is eliminated from the body, any unpleasant feelings pass, too. Furthermore, most relatively healthy men notice absolutely nothing except the hardest and longest boner ever while taking Viagra.

On the other hand, sometimes, the medicine can cause more serious complications. For example, some patients might have an allergic reaction or suffer from priapism. Priapism is a penile disorder which is manifested in painful and prolonged (lasting for four or more hours) erection. It is really dangerous, because it could even cause a damage to the phallus. In such cases, contact your doctor immediately, or call an ambulance.

Avoiding side effects

To guarantee yourself total safety, always carefully follow the instructions for use. Before you start the treatment, study the list of contraindications before you start taking the medicine. For example, you could increase the possibility of suffering Viagra side effects is you take the pills along with alcohol. Another trigger is grapefruit or grapefruit juice. Also, do not exceed the maximum recommended dose which is 100 mg per day. Do not risk your health and do not take the medication is you have serious liver, kidney, heart or blood pressure illnesses. Such mistakes could totally neutralize the magical effect of Sildenafil on erection and male potency, and even cause serious harm to health.

Generic Viagra

Millions of men suffering from occasional or permanent difficulties with erection quality and duration would rather purchase generic Viagra because of its excellent price. Still, some patients are unsure that such an equivalent will be as effective and safe as the original, brand-name version of the drug. Let’s figure out why generic medications cost so much less than regular ones despite the fact they all are absolutely identical.

Why Generic Viagra is cheaper

First of all, the answer lies in manufacturing costs. Companies producing generic Viagra and other substitutes spend much less, so they can afford setting fair prices. They do not have to waste on developing the formula, on numerous studies, on a patent and advertising. Such manufacturers use the ready-made formula. So, effectiveness and safety of the treatment remain the same.

Due to the fact that generic Viagra is made of the same pharmacological substance Sildenafil, it treats erectile dysfunction in men as effective and safe as the regular drug. At the same time, generic version of the medication costs far less. Moreover, most online drugstores offer an opportunity to buy these pills without a doctor’s prescription. That means you can save even more on visits to specialists and passing medical tests and exams.

Properties of generic medicines

What if you are afraid of generic medicines? In order to protect yourself, pick a quality product. First and foremost, carefully read the prescription label. Generic Viagra should consist of Sildenafil, which is responsible for its magic effect on erection. Also, mind the dosages available. Most often, you can buy generic equivalent of Viagra at a dosage of 20 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg. Certain new developments might contain additional substances. For example, Dapoxetine to fight premature ejaculation. Still, one pill of any kind of Viagra or substitutes cannot contain more than 100 mg of Sildenafil.

Numerous studies and trials have proved that generic Viagra is absolutely no worse than its ordinary version. According to scientists, it cures impotence and erectile dysfunction of almost any origin in more than 80% of men, regardless of their age. By the way, a great advantage of generic Viagra and analogues is the wider range. This issue makes it possible to choose the best individual option from a variety of forms and doses. Due to this, literally any man can forget about erection difficulties, gain back self-confidence, and continue enjoying great sex.

Sildenafil generic

Due to physiological and psychological reasons, many men experience regular or permanent difficulties with erection quality. Fortunately, any of us can easily solve the problem of poor sex with the help of Viagra and its equivalents based on Sildenafil. Those who do not want to spend too much money and time on regular blue pills prefer buying Sildenafil generic in online pharmacies. This medicine is the cheapest remedy for erectile dysfunction. Generic version of the substance is just as effective and safe as a brand name drug. Moreover, when shopping online, you do not have to visit doctors and pass medical tests and exams in order to get a prescription. Most web drugstores sell over the counter medications.

To guarantee yourself maximum safety and effectiveness of the treatment, carefully study the instructions for the use of the drug. Do that before you purchase Sildenafil generic and start taking it. Any strong medicine may cause certain side effects, a number of complications, and sometimes even severe allergic reaction. Sildenafil-based drugs are prohibited for patients with certain chronic diseases, which are listed on a prescription label.

Generic Sildenafil

But why Sildenafil generic is so much cheaper than the original medicine with the same active substance? And why its price on the web is so much lower than in regular offline drugstores? You have probably noticed that the usual branded blue pill at a dosage of 100 mg costs 10 to 60 $ in your local pharmacy. Is this price fair? Why Sildenafil generic costs ten times less online?

First of all, the rates depend on the manufacturer’s and seller’s costs. Companies producing Viagra under the brand name spend a lot on developing the original formula, on research and trials, etc. Particularly, they pay for registering and patenting a new drug and on advertising. Then, they spend on manufacturing and finally arranging sales. Manufacturers of generic version skip most of these huge expenses. They use a ready-made formula, and do not spend on patent and advertising.

Despite this, Sildenafil generic is just as effective and safe as the first patented medicine. The speed and duration of action, the effect on male potency, and possible side effects are the same for both types. Seems like the only difference between common Viagra and cheaper Sildenafil generic is that anyone can afford the second one. No need to visit doctors and spend time and money on obtaining a medical prescription is another great advantage of buying Sildenafil generic online.

Sildenafil 20 mg

You definitely know Sildenafil which easily improves the quality of erection in men under the brand name Viagra. But nowadays numerous equivalents of this drug exist. They all have different names and various dosages. Probably, the most popular alternative of common Viagra pills is Sildenafil 20 mg tablets. They suit almost any man and can be used both for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and for recreational purposes. Particularly, such a 20mg dose is perfect for patients with impotence of mild to moderate severity and healthy young men who just want more fun in bed.

viagra 20 mg

Sildenafil 20 mg treatment course

Usually, doctors recommend to start the treatment course with 50 mg pills. If it turns out to be too much, you will have to switch to 25 mg Viagra. And if it does not work at all, you should increase the dose. Generic Sildenafil 20 mg tablets make the process of choosing the proper dosage easier. Depending on your needs, your state of health and tolerance of the drug, you can take one to five pills of Sildenafil 20mg per day. Thus, you will certainly get the desired effect, and at the same time avoid side effects and consequences. Always keep in mind that specialists warn not to exceed the daily dose of 100 mg of the active substance, since it might be unsafe.

If you have no serious problems with getting and maintaining an erection and just want to have more exciting sex, any kind of Sildenafil 20 mg medication will be an excellent choice. Additional stimulation adds self-confidence, makes your boner even harder, and boosts your feelings during sex and orgasm. Of course, a man can also use any other dosage of the medicine. But mind that the lightest one makes it nearly impossible to suffer side effects and risk your own health.

Sildenafil dosage guide

To choose the best dose, mind these items: severity or erectile dysfunction (for recreational purposes, Sildenafil 20mg is enough), the likeness of side effects and consequences, contraindications for the use of the medication, state of health, age, other drugs you take, and your lifestyle in general. Relatively young and healthy men who cannot get or keep erection regularly, should better take two to four Sildenafil 20 mg pills at once.

Sildenafil 20 mg can treat not only erectile dysfunction, but also pulmonary hypertension. In this case, the medicine might cause the same side effects, including headache and stuffy nose, and a hard boner as a pleasant aftermath. Anyway, bear in mind that doctors do not recommend taking more than 100 mg of the active substance per day.