Due to physiological and psychological reasons, many men experience regular or permanent difficulties with erection quality. Fortunately, any of us can easily solve the problem of poor sex with the help of Viagra and its equivalents based on Sildenafil. Those who do not want to spend too much money and time on regular blue pills prefer buying Sildenafil generic in online pharmacies. This medicine is the cheapest remedy for erectile dysfunction. Generic version of the substance is just as effective and safe as a brand name drug. Moreover, when shopping online, you do not have to visit doctors and pass medical tests and exams in order to get a prescription. Most web drugstores sell over the counter medications.

To guarantee yourself maximum safety and effectiveness of the treatment, carefully study the instructions for the use of the drug. Do that before you purchase Sildenafil generic and start taking it. Any strong medicine may cause certain side effects, a number of complications, and sometimes even severe allergic reaction. Sildenafil-based drugs are prohibited for patients with certain chronic diseases, which are listed on a prescription label.

Generic Sildenafil

But why Sildenafil generic is so much cheaper than the original medicine with the same active substance? And why its price on the web is so much lower than in regular offline drugstores? You have probably noticed that the usual branded blue pill at a dosage of 100 mg costs 10 to 60 $ in your local pharmacy. Is this price fair? Why Sildenafil generic costs ten times less online?

First of all, the rates depend on the manufacturer’s and seller’s costs. Companies producing Viagra under the brand name spend a lot on developing the original formula, on research and trials, etc. Particularly, they pay for registering and patenting a new drug and on advertising. Then, they spend on manufacturing and finally arranging sales. Manufacturers of generic version skip most of these huge expenses. They use a ready-made formula, and do not spend on patent and advertising.

Despite this, Sildenafil generic is just as effective and safe as the first patented medicine. The speed and duration of action, the effect on male potency, and possible side effects are the same for both types. Seems like the only difference between common Viagra and cheaper Sildenafil generic is that anyone can afford the second one. No need to visit doctors and spend time and money on obtaining a medical prescription is another great advantage of buying Sildenafil generic online.