Erectile dysfunction in young people: Why does it occur and how to treat it?

You probably know that impotence most often occurs in older men. Meanwhile, in recent years, the trend of erectile dysfunction among young people has been increasing. Let’s look at why problems with an erection can occur even in very young men. Also, let us understand and how to improve the situation.

According to statistics, impotence is four times more common in men over the age of 60 than in patients aged 40 to 60 years. However, erectile dysfunction can occur even in a teenager.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young people

As numerous studies have shown, the main causes of impotence vary depending on the age of patients. In other words, teenagers and very young men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons. However, at the age of 30, impotence occurs caused because of physiological factors and improper lifestyle.

Here are the most common causes of impotence in young men:

  • Psychological: childhood trauma, lack of sexual experience, unsuccessful attempts to have sex, fear of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy, conflicts with partners, financial problems and subsequent stress, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep in young fathers.
  • Physiological: disorders of endocrine function, vascular diseases, diseases and injuries of the genitals and pelvic organs, disorders of the central nervous system, heart disease, cancer at an early stage, low-activity lifestyle, bad habits.

As a rule, erectile dysfunction in young people is quite easy to treat. Most often, a patient has just to eliminate the cause of difficulties in bed, and the penis begins to work normally. For example, in the case of childhood trauma, therapy might help to avoid the risk of impotence for many years. Or, for instance, consider improper lifestyle. Just choosing a healthy diet and giving up bad habits leads to sexual life improvement. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always help.

Erectile dysfunction in young people

How to determine the causes of impotence in a young man, and how to treat it?

What if the reasons for difficulties with erection do not seem obvious? And what if you do not intend to visit the doctor and pass necessary exams? Then, you can focus on one medical secret:

Most often, erectile dysfunction due to organic disorders develops gradually. First, the night and morning erections disappear, then the endurance in bed decreases, erection quality worsens, and so on. At the same time, the so-called psychogenic impotence in young people most often occurs suddenly. Spontaneous arousal, especially at night and in the morning, persists, but a patient cannot perform a full sexual act.

If you suspect that you have erectile dysfunction of organic origin at a very young age, you should start treatment as soon as possible. Your doctor will most likely prescribe a number of tests, including a blood test and pelvic ultrasound.

Sex after 60? Debunking the myths of male potency

First of all, I am writing this article for those who decide to forget about sex due to failures in bed or in a relationship. Unfortunately, as practice shows, men face this problem quite often. Instead of living a full life, many decide: There is no sex after 60! Of course, they are wrong!!!

Any relatively healthy person needs an intimate life. It doesn’t matter how old a man is, 40 or 90. Moreover, according to scientific research, people who continue having sex while getting older live longer than others. Today, I’ll try to debunk the most popular myths about sex after 60.

Myth # 1: Men after 60 are not interested in sex

In fact, everything is very individual. Some people lose interest in sex even earlier, as soon as at the age of 30. However, most often, the issue lies in physical or mental problems.

Sex after 60

Sex after 60 happens in both men and women. That’s absolutely normal. Many continue making love at 80, and at 90, and until death. Furthermore, elderly might be more sexually healthy than the younger generation. Young people spend too much time sitting at the computer, and this negatively affects potency.

According to world statistics, 60-70% of men aged 60 years and older live an active sexual life.

Moreover, now, with the rise of life expectancy, men over the age of 70 marry young women and have children. While a woman sooner or later cannot conceive and give birth, a man can become a father literally at any age.

Myth # 2: You can resume sexual activity anytime

Unfortunately, after a long break, you can achieve this only with psychological support, and, most often, with the mandatory use of stimulating erection drugs.

Sex is an exercise that requires regular training.

Although sex after 60 is possible, over the years, hormonal changes occur in the body that inhibit sexual function. In addition, vascular pathologies often arise, not allowing you to achieve a normal erection and enjoy sex.

At the same time, sex is pleasure, and pleasure is endorphins, which affect the quality and duration of life. Also, by the age of 70, many men lose their partners and become lonely. Accordingly, they seek attention, warmth, care and physical intimacy.

Myth # 3: You won’t be able to improve erection and have sex after 60

For many men, the lack of an erection means a complete finale of sexual life. But now this is a completely solvable problem. Modern medicine has great potential. Having correctly assessed the hormonal background, any patient, regardless of his age, can get a proper corrective therapy. Taking medications and following other doctors’ advice will help improve libido and erection quality.

Myth # 4: High blood pressure and orgasm are incompatible

Many older men have fears of complications due to high blood pressure. Of course, such a risk exists. However, do not worry. Just try to contact specialists such as a cardiologist and an urologist in order to undergo certain exams and, if necessary, start the treatment.

One more important point. If a man notices problems with getting or keeping an erection already at the age of 40-45 years, he should think of it. This is the first warning that after 5-10 years erectile dysfunction may worsen, and diseases of the cardiovascular system will develop. To enjoy life and sex after 60, maintain your health while you are still full of energy.