Can I taking viagra at an elevated temperature of?

Many people who decide to purchase drugs for potency ask various questions, such as whether it is possible to take viagra for hypertension. is it possible to use the product with a particular food? and others. Recently, the question of taking viagra tablets at a temperature has become relevant. In order to understand this issue, we will analyze the principle of operation of the tool and its composition.

Many people know that pills were developed not in order to eliminate erectile dysfunction or improve sexual life, but in order to solve problems from the cardiovascular system, which should have been beneficially affected by the active component sildenafil. It really had a powerful effect, not on the heart, but on another organ in men. Since that time, more than one study has passed during which it was actually revealed that viagra is able to solve problems related to the intimate sphere, and not only men’s, but also women’s, which appeared not so long ago.

Returning to our topic about taking viagra at elevated temperatures. it is worth saying that many opinions differ, some say that it seems to be not contraindicated, while others, on the contrary, stand their ground, assuring that this can not be done. We suggest that you find the answer to this question yourself by studying all the pros and cons of taking this remedy at an elevated temperature.

Viagra at a temperature, all the pros and cons

The principle of action of viagra is that in response to sexual desire, an erection occurs. Thanks to the active component sildenafil, the cavernous bodies of the penis expand, relax and actively fill with blood. This means that the blood flow begins to flow more actively not only to the penis, but also to other human organs.

At high temperatures, the blood circulates so quickly, and if you still take viagra, this process will increase, many believe. In fact, this is not quite true, because the pills do not affect the entire body, but only some important organs for this process. While taking female viagra, the pelvic organs of a woman are enriched with blood, when using male viagra, almost everything happens the same, only the penis itself is already involved.

Therefore, taking the drug for potency is unlikely to affect the increase in temperature. In addition, at the very beginning of research, when it turned out that viagra is not suitable for the treatment of heart diseases, it turned out that some components of the drug can cure angina, which means that using this drug for potency can still get rid of colds. Experts, however, say that you should not get carried away with these tablets to eliminate colds, because, despite the individual components, the tool is created for other purposes.

So should I take viagra for a cold or not?

As for colds, there are no strict contraindications for taking the drug. Another thing is when the cause of the temperature is not established. In this case, it is better to abandon the use of viagra. Yes, the drug itself will not have any negative effect on the body, however, intimacy can.

viagra at an elevated temperature

During the temperature, a person feels weak, sometimes drowsy. At such moments, the body fights infection. And here it is unlikely that there will be a desire to make love. In addition, during a high temperature, it is undesirable to do this, because the blood circulation in this case will be even faster than usual, the heartbeat will increase several dozen times and it is not a fact that after a bright discharge, a person will not lose consciousness. Therefore, it is best not to experiment.

In conclusion, once again I want to say that there are no particularly strict contraindications for the use of viagra tablets at high temperature, so if there is a desire, then the tool can be used, but what will be the state of health after intimacy is unknown.