Organic Viagra

Usually, an organic substitute for conventional medicines interest people who are either poorly educated or, on the contrary, too concerned about their health. You know, all these farmers markets, organic products, raw food diet and treatment exclusively with the help of “grandmother’s methods.” However, organic Viagra may really suit many of us. For example, if a person has practically no health problems, including intimate ones. If impotence shows up because of psychological problems, organic Viagra can do wonders.

Natural ways to improve erection without tablets

If you think you need organic Viagra, you may also learn some other ways to improve the quality and duration of erection without taking any drugs. Of course, anyone should better consult a doctor first. A physician must decide which specialist you have to see. Maybe, you should get sessions with a therapist, or go to an urologist as well.

To begin with, we list the symptoms or erectile dysfunction which might mark the necessarily of buying organic Viagra or regular pills, or even seeing a doctor:

  • Lack of sexual arousal in a normal situation, even with a beloved or a new partner.
  • The sudden disappearance of erection, often right during sex.
  • Inability to achieve a sufficiently firm erection.
  • Too fast completion of sexual intercourse or, conversely, too long sex without any pleasure.
  • The disappearance of a normal morning erection.
  • A marked decrease in sexual activity and desire.

In all these cases, it might be enough to buy and take any kind of organic Viagra. As an alternative, we can recommend natural triggers for arousal and erection, such as an absolutely healthy lifestyle, high protein foods, seafood, nuts and bananas.

Types of organic Viagra, its pros and cons

Let us note immediately that the so-called organic Viagra includes both natural substances, acting almost like regular tablets, and dangerous fakes. So, do not buy dietary supplements on dubious Asian websites in the hope of regaining normal sex for cheap. Thus, you not only do not get the desired result, but also can harm your health.

Viagra Organic

Anyway, the most common organic Viagra analogues usually include popular dietary supplements and herbal capsules with ginseng extract. You can try to buy such type of organic Viagra and see if it works for you. But, to be honest, nothing better than Viagra pills with Sildenafil in the composition has been invented yet. However, search for natural Viagra in online drugstores and read the reviews. Perhaps, this method of fighting erectile dysfunction will suit you.

Viagra properties

Impotence (scientists and doctors call it erectile dysfunction) sneaks up unnoticed. At the first sign of it, most men seek to buy and use Viagra or analogues as soon as possible, even if they know nothing about Viagra properties. According to the World Health Organization, more than 150 million of men face potency problems. So, think of learning more about the properties of Viagra and its equivalents. Today we will talk about how this highly effective drug helps improve the quality of erection and increase its duration.

What are Viagra properties and how exactly does it work?

Chemically, Viagra works due to the active substance Sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of cGMP-specific PDE5, an enzyme that affects erection. This enzyme suppresses blood flow in the vessels and cavernous bodies of the penis in men with erectile dysfunction. Thus, the blood flow increases, and the erection becomes firm solid and long-lasting.

Sildenafil relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis and blood vessels, and enhances blood flow to the penis. All this helps to keep it erected, but only in case of natural arousal. Mind that Viagra properties do not allow curing impotence and, moreover, eliminating its cause. This medication just removes the negative effects of erectile dysfunction.

properties viagra

The causes of temporary or permanent difficulties in sex include both psychological and physiological issues. Sometimes, a man has just to get rid of stress, depression, or an underlying chronic disease to restore normal sexual function. Nevertheless, Viagra properties allow you not to suffer in bed even if you prefer leave it as it is.

Scientists have discovered new, amazing Viagra properties

You may know that Sildenafil was originally developed to treat heart and vascular diseases. However, in the process of testing it turned out that the medicine surprisingly affects male potency, improving the quality of erection. Some doctors still prescribe Viagra to treat certain diseases of the cardiovascular system and to regulate blood pressure.

Not so long ago, scientists discovered new Viagra properties. In particular, they have found that this popular drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction can also contribute to weight loss. Perhaps, soon, Viagra tablets will treat obesity.

As scientists have learned, Sildenafil resists the breakdown of so-called brown fat, which helps the body activate the burning of excess calories and accelerates metabolism. All this does not allow white fat to spread in the body. The experiments have been carried out only on lab mice, but there is hope.

Another surprising potential property of Viagra is its anti-cancer effect. According to laboratory tests, a small daily dose of the medication reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer.