Viagra vs Kamagra

Despite the fact that Sildenafil known as Viagra is the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction, many men prefer taking other medications to improve erection. Among the best selling ones is Kamagra. It also consists of Sildenafil, which increases male potency. So, it works the same way, and is as effective and safe as the brand-name blue pill. The main reason for picking up the second drug when making a choice Viagra vs Kamagra is the price. Since analog is a generic copy of the original medicine, it costs much less. The manufacturers of Kamagra use the ready-made formula of Sildenafil. In addition, they do not have to pay for the patent. All this makes it possible to set fair prices.

Other reasons to choose Kamagra instead of Viagra

However, such a nice price is not the only reason for choosing this medication. When talking of Viagra vs Kamagra, most doctors and patients mention another advantage of less known drug. Unlike the blue pills, Kamagra also comes in the form of oral jelly. That means, it dissolves more quickly, and therefore causes a firm erection almost immediately after taking it. No matter whether you use it as a recreational drug or for erectile dysfunction treatment, you have to be naturally stimulated and aroused before the drug starts to act. Surely, for your own sake you should also read and follow the instructions for use of the medicine.

Kamagra side effects

The price for jellies and tablets of Kamagra and the opportunity to get erected sooner are not the only reasons to choose this particular drug. In a battle Viagra vs Kamagra there is also another point – possible side effects. Since all humans differ, every person tolerates the same stuff in a different way. Because of different forms of alike medicines and various proportions of the main active substance, side effects might be also different. We recommend trying several drugs in various forms before purchasing a big package. You may take an advantage of receiving free samples of best selling potency improving pills when buying Viagra or Kamagra in one of the certified online pharmacies.

viagra vs kamagra

What about the main properties of Kamagra and the main differences of Viagra vs Kamagra? Normally, both drugs start to act in 20 minutes – an hour after taking a piece. The onset depends more on how strictly you follow the rules, on your state of health, other medicines you use, the meals and drinks you have taken before, and how sexually excited you are. The greatest advantages of Kamagra include the fact that this medication is not addictive at all. Most patients easily tolerate it. Try it yourself, and you will never have to seek for any other ED treatment!

Viagra cost

You do not need a PhD in economics to understand that Viagra cost depends on various factors, but first of all on the costs of production. Therefore, to find the best price for this highly effective drug for erectile dysfunction, think of who can afford setting it. Obviously, the cheapest pills are generic ones and those sold on the web.

viagra cost online prices

Viagra cost is much less in case of generic equivalent because its manufacturer spends much less. The point is analogues are produced according to the existing formula and without additional clinical tests. Moreover, they do not need a patent, and usually even advertisement, since everybody recognizes the active substance. All this phases, when skipped, make final Viagra cost really nice and affordable.

Tips on finding the best Viagra cost

Another tip, to buy medicines on the internet, is based on the very principle of online sales. Normally, web drugstores spend much less in comparison with regular offline pharmacies. Your local drugstore pays for giant storage and retail spaces and spends on numerous workers. Any internet analogue of such shop uses less storage spaces, does not need offline distribution points at all, and can easily do with a small team of customer support. So, Viagra cost online is times smaller than offline.

Do not be afraid to use generic Viagra equivalents and save money. Both contain the same active substance, Sildenafil, which acts absolutely the same way. And surely do not hesitate to buy such medicines online. It will save you both money and time, and is more comfortable in general. In both cases, Viagra cost will be fair. So, literally everyone could be able to afford using this erection improving drug.

By the way, a good secret tip on saving even more comes from physicians and urologists. According to them, the best Viagra cost might be found in Canada, both offline and online.

When choosing an internet pharmacy to purchase Viagra online, pay attention to additional bonuses, terms of delivery and payment methods available. For example, some web drugstores do not except PayPal or certain cards, others ship too slow, and so on. Among bonuses you can often count on are free Viagra samples with each order, additional discounts, free delivery of rather big orders, etc. Also, mind patients’ feedback, the presence of customer support, the availability of all necessary licenses and certificates, and Viagra cost itself. Before making a purchase, better compare several online pharmacies.

Over the counter Viagra

Most men are searching for Viagra on the web for two reasons: they want to save money and to buy this highly effective medicine without a prescription. This is understandable, but many patients suffering from erectile dysfunction are also afraid of fraud. Let us figure out how to avoid it, and to guarantee an impeccable quality and absolute safety of the blue pills bought online. Our recommendations on purchasing over the counter Viagra are based on surveys, opinions of medical specialists, and customer feedback. According to them, buying over the counter Viagra in online drugstores is much more comfortable. In addition, online shopping saves you time and money. You save not only on the medication itself. Also, you save on visiting doctors and passing medical tests for getting a diagnosis of impotence and obtaining a prescription.

Still, pay attention to certain items guaranteeing you efficacy and safety of over-the-counter Viagra, anonymity and security. Before purchasing the drug, with or without a medical prescription, compare prices in different pharmacies. Both too high and too low might indicate fraud. Prefer reliable internet drugstores with good feedback. Pay attention to customer support and convenient terms of shipment and payment.counter viagra

Over the counter Sildenafil based pills

When buying over the counter Viagra in certified online drugstores, you get the highest quality product. In addition, you may count on various pleasant bonuses. For example, internet pharmacies often set special reduced prices on certain medications and arrange sales. Sometimes, they offer additional discounts for people using coupon codes. Moreover, in some cases, you can buy Viagra without prescription at a wholesale price, if the package is big enough. Also, you can get absolutely free shipping, if you spend enough.

Another advantage of purchasing medicines on the web is a wider range of products. Only online you can find up to hundred different drugs based on Sildenafil citrate which cure erectile dysfunction of almost any origin. While your local drugstore offers only regular brand name Viagra at three most common dosages, and maybe generic analogue of the medicine, on the internet the choice is wider. Here you can choose from the original blue pills, generic tablets, over the counter Viagra in various forms, such as jelly, newer improved formulas, Sildenafil combined with other substances for even better sex, and even Viagra for women. What is extremely important, you will not have to overpay: online sellers can afford setting fair prices.