Today, I would like to briefly talk about the diseases which can provoke erectile dysfunction. Moreover, I will list the most common consequences of impotence in men. Yes, our body is designed in such a way that one disease can cause a second, and that, in turn, provoke a third.

Basic diagnoses – potential threats to potency

However, let’s start with diseases that can lead to difficulties with an erection in men of all ages. Of course, any person can easily solve such problems with the help of proper drugs. However, noticing the symptoms in time often helps to avoid real difficulties. If you manage to cure the underlying disease, erectile dysfunction may not occur.

The main diseases that provoke erectile dysfunction:

  • Endocrine diseases. Quite often, impotence occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance. Some men can recover sexual function by treating an underlying condition.
  • Diabetes. This disease affects not only hormones, but other bodily functions as well. As a result, many patients cannot naturally achieve a normal erection and keep it long enough. In this case, in addition to treating diabetes, doctors recommend choosing the appropriate dose of anti-ED medication.
  • Pathology of the heart and (or) blood vessels. In fact, these diseases are among the main ones to provoke erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the majority of effective drugs for impotence work primarily due to their effect on blood vessels.
  • Prostatitis. Unfortunately, this disease can both provoke erectile dysfunction and be a consequence of impotence. Anyway, check regularly and monitor your symptoms.
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Use condoms.
  • Mental illnesses and psychological problems. Even common stress and depression can trigger impotence. Also, don’t forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

provoke erectile dysfunction

What can impotence lead to?

After we have focused on the diseases that provoke erectile dysfunction, let’s talk about the opposite situation. What can impotence lead to, besides the lack of sex?

Impotence itself may be a symptom of other diseases, for example:

  • atherosclerosis
  • ischemia
  • increased risk of stroke
  • depression.

Take care of yourself!