Celebrities who take Viagra

Viagra has become an icon of the pharmaceutical industry. It can be said that this is the so-called celebrity pill that is constantly making noise in the world. Having appeared on the market in 1998, Viagra has since completely changed the world. A large number of men were given the opportunity to overcome their sexual problems and regain their young years. Celebrities also take Viagra and do not hide it.

People started calling it the “Magic Blue Pill”; he even became a hero of modern lyrics, especially rap and popular late-night shows. Unsurprisingly, it soon caught the attention of celebrities. Being ordinary people with their own health problems, some celebrities try to solve their problems with Viagra, some of them take the pill just for fun. Some famous personalities make a kind of show or participate in an advertising campaign.

In this article, we have collected the most famous cases where celebrities admit to taking Viagra pills. So, you will find out who has had a positive experience and who has suffered from negative ones.

Celebrities who take Viagra: Getting an interesting experience

A few years ago, Michael Douglas, the famous “Wall Street” and “Basic Instinct” actor, suddenly revealed his secret that he took Viagra for making his sex life more exciting. Mr Douglas ‘ wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is 25 years younger than him, which is why the actor is so keen to maintain his sex life despite being 72. He admitted that he and his wife had great moments when he used Viagra or Cialis. There is no doubt that Viagra and sexual harmony help him keep in shape and look like a million dollars.

Celebrities who take Viagra

Jack Nicholson, a controversial Hollywood star, is famous for his countless love affairs with women. He even claimed to have sex with more than 1,000 women. We don’t know if this is true or not, but his reputation as a womanizer is world-famous. He is 78 years old and full of energy and sexual attraction. His experience of taking Viagra was described in a mischievous phrase: “I take Viagra when I’m with more than one woman.”

Hugh Hefner, the famous founder of Playboy magazine, who has always been surrounded by women much younger than him, is proud to say that Viagra helps him maintain an active sex life. He said he took the blue pill every time he was going to have sex, even at the age of 84. Now he is 89 years old and does not want to stop his sexual experiments.

“Guys who weren’t very lucky with Viagra»

Not all famous people are so lucky to have a good experience and push their sexuality to new limits. Some of them experienced unwanted side effects and stopped taking Viagra completely.

Ben Affleck, the famous actor and ex-husband of Jennifer Gardner, once tried Viagra and was very disappointed with its effect on him. In his interview with “Playboy”, he admitted that he took only half a dose and felt that he was suffering from a heart attack. Sweat and dizziness gathered together. And there are no sexual effects at all. We don’t know if Ben Affleck used other PDE5 inhibitors, such as Cialis or Levitra, and their generics. Perhaps Ben’s only option now is to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a successful sex life.

Pulmonary hypertension in children and an erection drug: where is the connection?

Despite the active use and phenomenal success of the new drug in the field of normalization of sexual life. Scientists are not in a hurry to abandon further research. For the first time, the possibility of another use of sildenafil was discussed in the 2000s, and since 2005 it has been used to combat pulmonary hypertension in adults.

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a condition in which the pressure in the small circle of blood circulation increases. Without treatment, this can lead to overload of the right parts of the heart muscle and the development of heart failure.

Pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension is quite common in adults, but it is in children that it is most often fatal. LH in infants in 90% of cases is a consequence of congenital malformations and abnormalities of the development of the heart muscle.

In fact, the use of blue pills in pediatric practice is still a controversial issue. A group of researchers from the UK has long considered the possibility of using sildenafil to combat pulmonary hypertension. With an average duration of treatment of 4-12 months, the mortality rate of these babies was 5-30%. The researchers concluded that it is necessary to study in as much detail as possible whether sildenafil is actually able to positively affect the prognosis of life in children with LH. So that additional tests are required to clarify dosages.

In 2011, a little girl named Victoria Dooley was born in new York with a rather rare pathology: one half of her tiny heart did not function at all. The only drug that significantly improved the quality of life of the child was sildenafil.

Dr. Yong Chun, of NYU Langone medical center, says the drug helps relax blood vessels. Allowing blood to flow into the lungs and providing normal oxygen levels. The parents of little Victoria were unspeakably surprised by the prescribed treatment. Because blue pills are known for very different effects. But in the end, they recognized that such therapy is really effective. However, later the girl will still need a heart transplant: even Viagra is not able to create a miracle.

The first experience of using viagra

My experience of using viagra: just a clarification: I did not take the original viagra, but its generic with the same name as the active substance – “Sildenafil”.

First: the drug itself does not raise anything (in the sense of viagra does not create an erection). Its action is different – it does not allow you to fall (supports an erection). And one more thing-without sexual actions, he will not show himself in any way. That is, you can swallow viagra, and go to sweep the streets or play playstation – an erection will not arise just like that. But it is worth hugging your beloved, stroking her ass – and immediately get the proper effect. This effect holds perfectly, even if “tired after work”. Adds stamina.

It was interesting to find out – will there be a permanent erection for two hours after the reception? No, when the goal of sex is achieved, everything calms down. However, if you want to repeat the process soon, you do not need to swallow the second tablet – the first and second time will work. By the way, the pill should be taken an hour before the process.

About the side effects. It is written about increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and shifted color perception. I didn’t notice anything like that, although I sometimes suffer from high blood pressure.

And about the regularity. In my 40+ years, if you sleep with your wife a couple of times a month, it’s not bad. So here about excessive dosage and fear of side effects is not worth it. Those who are going to eat it every day by handfuls-not viagra, but a psychologist is needed. Here is a mode of reception and really inspires concern.

experience of using viagra

A few reviews about the first experience of taking viagra

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How to take Viagra for the first time?

So, how to take viagra for the first time for those who have never tried it and decided? Viagra is one of the most popular medications for restoring a healthy erection and treating premature ejaculation. The drug has a high-quality and fast action, is suitable for men of all age categories, has a minimal risk of side effects in the absence of contraindications. You can use Viagra every day. The drug is not addictive when taken regularly.

It accumulates in small amounts in the blood, but in the absence of severe liver pathologies, it does not harm health and does not cause complications of existing chronic ailments. Taking Viagra is recommended for men who are not able to achieve a strong erection on their own and hold it for a full-fledged sexual act. Erectile dysfunction is the most common disease, which is expressed by a sluggish and short-lived erection, premature ejaculation of seminal fluid and low sexual energy.

Viagra can be drunk as an auxiliary product in the complex therapy of prostatitis or infertility. The drug is suitable for healthy men who want not only to increase the duration of their intimacy, but also to enhance the sensations received from orgasm. To achieve a temporary effect, it is recommended to take Viagra occasionally.

How to take Viagra for the first time. Dosage.

The drug is available in three standard dosages: 25, 50 and 100 mg. It is not obvious that the higher the dose, the more effective the drug will be. It’s different for everyone. For example, a high dose of “Viagra” in women can lead to the fact that the clitoris will become too sensitive and instead of the pleasure of making love will turn into a monstrous torment. On the other hand, too low a dosage of the drug may not be enough for a full-fledged erection in a man.

Viagra for the first time

There are several approaches to selecting the dosage of the drug. Usually, the drug is prescribed in an average dosage of 50 mg, and then, depending on the effect that has occurred (or has not occurred), the dosage is adjusted or, in the case of a good effect, does not change. Another approach is to start treatment with a minimum dosage, increasing it until a good therapeutic effect occurs.

The maximum daily dose is 100 milligrams. This amount of the component is safe for middle-aged men who do not have chronic kidney or liver pathologies. The effect of the drug persists for four hours.

The selection of the dose should be handled by a doctor who will do it more professionally and with less risk to your health.

Dosage and age

Older men and those who suffer from chronic liver or kidney diseases should reduce the daily dose to 25-50 milligrams (depending on their state of health). With regular use of the product (more than twice a week), you should also reduce the daily dose of the active substance.

With frequent use, it is recommended to use 25 milligrams once every 24 hours. When using medications containing vasodilators, it is necessary to use a minimum dose of Viagra (up to 25 milligrams per day), after receiving medical advice. Before starting treatment of sexual dysfunction with Viagra, a number of contraindications should be excluded.

Viagra for the first time: Features

Take the Viagra tablet 55-60 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse. The drug should be washed down with warm water or other non-alcoholic liquid. You can use Viagra regardless of the meal. During treatment, it is recommended to refuse to take food products whose fat content is higher than 30%. Fatty foods prevent high-quality absorption of drugs into the blood and slow down the action of this product.

Give preference to cereals, fruits and vegetables. Viagra can not be drunk at the same time with medications that contain nitrates, alpha-blockers, nitric oxide donators, inhibitors of other types. These substances reduce the effect of Sildenafil, increasing its concentration in plasma. The break between taking these substances and Viagra should be three weeks. Terms of release and storage of Viagra tablets are indicated on the package. Do not take the product after its expiration date. Before treatment, read the instructions. Make sure that the air temperature in the room does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

In addition, do not lose hope for those men who did not help Viagra the first time. The drug can be taken daily without worrying about health. In addition, it is recommended to make several attempts, and the drug will definitely help next time. At the same time, you need to follow the dose set by the doctor.

Taking viagra at an elevated temperature

Can I taking viagra at an elevated temperature of?

Many people who decide to purchase drugs for potency ask various questions, such as whether it is possible to take viagra for hypertension. is it possible to use the product with a particular food? and others. Recently, the question of taking viagra tablets at a temperature has become relevant. In order to understand this issue, we will analyze the principle of operation of the tool and its composition.

Many people know that pills were developed not in order to eliminate erectile dysfunction or improve sexual life, but in order to solve problems from the cardiovascular system, which should have been beneficially affected by the active component sildenafil. It really had a powerful effect, not on the heart, but on another organ in men. Since that time, more than one study has passed during which it was actually revealed that viagra is able to solve problems related to the intimate sphere, and not only men’s, but also women’s, which appeared not so long ago.

Returning to our topic about taking viagra at elevated temperatures. it is worth saying that many opinions differ, some say that it seems to be not contraindicated, while others, on the contrary, stand their ground, assuring that this can not be done. We suggest that you find the answer to this question yourself by studying all the pros and cons of taking this remedy at an elevated temperature.

Viagra at a temperature, all the pros and cons

The principle of action of viagra is that in response to sexual desire, an erection occurs. Thanks to the active component sildenafil, the cavernous bodies of the penis expand, relax and actively fill with blood. This means that the blood flow begins to flow more actively not only to the penis, but also to other human organs.

At high temperatures, the blood circulates so quickly, and if you still take viagra, this process will increase, many believe. In fact, this is not quite true, because the pills do not affect the entire body, but only some important organs for this process. While taking female viagra, the pelvic organs of a woman are enriched with blood, when using male viagra, almost everything happens the same, only the penis itself is already involved.

Therefore, taking the drug for potency is unlikely to affect the increase in temperature. In addition, at the very beginning of research, when it turned out that viagra is not suitable for the treatment of heart diseases, it turned out that some components of the drug can cure angina, which means that using this drug for potency can still get rid of colds. Experts, however, say that you should not get carried away with these tablets to eliminate colds, because, despite the individual components, the tool is created for other purposes.

So should I take viagra for a cold or not?

As for colds, there are no strict contraindications for taking the drug. Another thing is when the cause of the temperature is not established. In this case, it is better to abandon the use of viagra. Yes, the drug itself will not have any negative effect on the body, however, intimacy can.

viagra at an elevated temperature

During the temperature, a person feels weak, sometimes drowsy. At such moments, the body fights infection. And here it is unlikely that there will be a desire to make love. In addition, during a high temperature, it is undesirable to do this, because the blood circulation in this case will be even faster than usual, the heartbeat will increase several dozen times and it is not a fact that after a bright discharge, a person will not lose consciousness. Therefore, it is best not to experiment.

In conclusion, once again I want to say that there are no particularly strict contraindications for the use of viagra tablets at high temperature, so if there is a desire, then the tool can be used, but what will be the state of health after intimacy is unknown.

Opinion of famous personalities about Viagra

The first person to speak out about Viagra was 74-year-old Robert Dole – a well-known American politician. He tried Viagra with his wife and was delighted. Advanced age and a complex operation (removal of the prostate gland) that was carried out several years ago did not become an obstacle to achieving the desired result. A popular and respected American politician with his statement: “This is wonderful!”, provoked a stir around Viagra, giving the advertising campaign an incredible scope.

Paulo Santana, a 58-year-old Brazilian columnist who already has grandchildren, was very pleased. This is what he said in an interview for Newsweek magazine. He managed to try Viagra two weeks before it was officially approved in Brazil. Paulo Santana shared his feelings in the newspaper “Zera Ora”. He told not only about the longer and more intense pleasure, but also about the pride that he felt for the sensual delight delivered to his partner. He called Viagra the elixir of eternal youth and urged to buy it, “without saving on happiness”. There is no doubt that there is some truth in Paulo’s statement. Even today, scientists do not stop actively studying the problem of the dependence of a beautiful physical condition on a regular sexual life.

about Viagra

Hartmut Porst, a well-known urologist in Germany, expressed confidence that most men who want to lead an active sexual life will turn to Viagra for help. He said this in an interview with the magazine “Spiegel”.

Stefano Tacconi – 41-year-old Italian football player, the star of “Juventus” shared in the local press his impressions of the use of Viagra. He said that the pill increased the duration of sexual intercourse by half, however, said at the same time that it was too early for him to use this drug.

What famous women say about viagra

Women also expressed their opinion on this issue. Susie Bright, a columnist for Salon magazine, noted the amazing effect of the drug, reminiscent of “melting inside a chocolate cream.” She noted another effect, which was expressed in the flow of blood to the pelvis. As a result, Viagra cured lower back pain.

At one time, an amazing advertising campaign for Viagre was held at a fashion show from Versace. The models walked down the runway in semi-transparent, condom-like suits. Their clothes were all beaded with Viagra pills. At the same time, the audience surrounding the podium was actively poured with champagne, in which Viagra was dissolved.

Try Viagra, interaction with alcohol

Experts believe that the maximum dose of alcohol, in which the risk of side effects is minimal, and the effectiveness is optimal, is 100 g of vodka. In other words, in terms of pure alcohol, about 40 g. This is equivalent to 400-450 ml of table wine, 700 ml of beer, 600 ml of gin and tonic.

Men often wonder whether it is possible to combine drugs that are used to treat impotence (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis) with alcohol.

You need to make a choice either sex or alcohol, if you want to get drunk, then go and get drunk, only when you drink Viagra in full out, there will be no effect. If you want to have sex, then you go to the pharmacy buy Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, then invite your girlfriend to coffee (restaurant, who has what finances) order a glass of wine (no more), drink and go to have sex.

Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are selective competitive inhibitors of PDE5. The molecules of these drugs are similar in structure to the cGMP molecule, but their effect is that they block the action of the PDE5 enzyme. From the point of view of pharmacochemistry, even minor differences in the structure of molecules can lead to a pronounced difference in their action. A striking example of the similarity in structure and differences in properties are the molecules of testosterone and estradiol.

Try Viagra and alcohol

To date, there is no convincing evidence that the combined use of “Viagra” and alcoholic beverages (in moderation) can lead to any fatal consequences.

A man weighing 80 kg can drink about 100 g of vodka and take Viagra without consequences.

From the point of view of chemistry, the main component of Viagra (sildenafil) does not interact with alcohol, this is what is called science proven. But life has proven that after an immoderate amount of alcohol in the blood (everyone has it, of course, different), there may be problems with an erection in principle. Some even turn off the entire motor system, and the consciousness that guides them meaningfully, but such, in fact, do not buy Viagra.

You can take Viagra (sildenafil) with alcohol, but you risk turning the holiday into a nightmare. Why? Alcohol increases the load on the heart, increases the number of contractions of the heart muscle, heart work increases. Viagra also has an effect on the heart, increases the number of contractions.

Putting one on top of the other, the heart begins to experience a double load. The pressure increases, there is a headache, heaviness in the head, redness of the face. Those Sami phenomena that are observed with a hangover. However, if there are no problems with high blood pressure, and vice versa, if the pressure is low, then such side effects may not happen, and the viagra taken after alcohol will pass without unnecessary inconvenience and will give a satisfactory result.

Also, alcohol can increase the side effects of Viagra.

Among the various side effects of Viagra are dizziness, headache, upset stomach, redness of the face, muscle pain, diarrhea, which can also be a side effect of alcohol consumption. That is why the use of Viagra increases the chances of unpleasant side effects from these drugs, reducing the chances of normal sex.

Well, getting drunk when taking Viagra is stupid, not only because there will be no effect, but because even if there is an effect, then when you wake up in the morning you will hardly remember, and your headache (hangover) will not make you feel cheerful, so Viagra and alcohol are not only physically incompatible, but also morally.

But it’s stupid to blame the consequences of binge drinking on Viagra: “everything would be fine if I hadn’t already drunk Viagra.” Everything would be fine if you didn’t drink the “extra” half a bottle of vodka. And with an erection, and with well-being, and with memories of the time spent.

Cialis and alcohol

Cialis is recommended to be used orally before the intended sexual activity, regardless of the concomitant intake of food or alcohol. According to the information in the annotation to the drug, Cialis does not interact with alcohol, when they are used together, neither the concentration of ethanol nor the therapeutic dose of Cialis does not change. This is quite understandable: pharmacodynamic studies have shown that the active substance of Cialis practically does not interact with those drugs whose metabolism requires the participation of the cytochrome P450 enzyme system. A small amount of alcohol will not cause any problems, but a significant dose of alcohol can interact with Cialis.

Small doses of alcohol (200 grams of wine or 0.5 liters of beer or 100 grams of vodka) with Cialis will not cause any problems for most men.

Try Viagra, interaction with alcohol

Studies have shown that the effect of Cialis does not depend on alcohol and a hearty dinner, no doubt, for Russian men this will be another argument in favor of the drug. However, it should be noted that alcohol in large doses itself negatively affects the erection and, in addition, alcohol abuse can cause erectile dysfunction.

However, we must not forget that Cialis and alcohol have a systemic effect: Cialis and alcohol dilate the walls of blood vessels, which can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure, especially in the presence of provoking factors. This is stated in the annotation, but not too “loudly”. Clearly, those who had dizziness and an orthostatic reaction after taking alcohol will have the same reactions when using Cialis (as a result of a vascular response), and with a combination of Cialis and alcohol, these side effects will increase.

Currently, Cialis is the only phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, the effect of which persists for more than a day – up to 36 hours.

Methods of erectile dysfunction therapy

If a man has erectile dysfunction, then it is treated. What types of therapy are known?

Doctors use conservative treatment.

In the first line, phosphodiesterase inhibitors of the 5th type are used. A distinctive feature of them is their good tolerance and noticeable effect in any type of erectile dysfunction.

PDE-5 is not applied constantly, but periodically. They should be taken immediately before sexual intercourse. The dose is selected individually.

If the patient does not want to use this type of medication, then the use of local negative pressure (shock wave therapy of the penis) is offered as an alternative.

Second-line drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are injections into the cavernous bodies of the penis. They act as vasodilators.

If conservative treatment does not solve the problem, then doctors proceed to surgical treatment.

For this purpose, a phalloprosthesis is performed using a hydraulic or semi-rigid implant. They allow you to provide a natural erection.

After the hydraulic penile prosthesis implants, patients typically remain fully satisfied with your sex life. And Viagra is no longer used.

Methods of erectile dysfunction therapy

If you have erectile dysfunction, check your heart and blood vessels

When a fifty-year-old man begins to fail in the sexual sphere, then we can talk about the beginning of the development of erectile dysfunction.

Doctors say that at this age, erectile dysfunction is a wake-up call for coronary heart disease. A man should pay more attention to this, since this is the risk of approaching a heart attack in the next couple of years.

Worst of all, those who are overweight, suffer from hypertension and diabetes. And if this” bouquet ” is also joined by harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol, then a heart attack is a matter of time.

Such anamnesis leads to damage to the inner layer of the arteries and blood vessels, which results in ischemia, heart attack, erectile dysfunction and similar pathologies.

It is not for nothing that experienced urologists and andrologists send all men under 50 years of age with erectile dysfunction to consult a cardiologist.

It is extremely important to identify serious cardiovascular diseases in time and cure them.

Therefore, if you have suspicions of erectile dysfunction and at the same time you snore, are overweight, suffer from high blood sugar and pressure surges, immediately visit a cardiologist, and do not immediately run to buy Viagra.

How smoking affects potency

Dear smokers, I have bad news for you. In fact, the naked truth that smoking affects potency in a negative way has been known for a long time. You yourself have definitely seen the warning labels and pictures on cigarette packs. Moreover, you may have heard the medical term “nicotine impotence”. Anyway, today I propose to talk about the connection between erectile dysfunction and smoking.

The effect of nicotine on male sexual function

Most men have real phobia of impotence. However, many imagine this diagnosis as a complete loss of erection. Meanwhile, in fact, erectile dysfunction most often manifests itself as insufficient firmness of the penis.

The condition of this male organ depends on a symbiosis of factors, including blood circulation. Obviously, smoking has a negative effect on blood vessels. Thus, smoking affects potency – indirectly and negatively.

First, nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict. In addition, it provokes a spasm of the vascular walls. This, in turn, affects the arteries of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, as well as the penis. With prolonged abuse of nicotine, the structure of blood vessels and their ability to relax worsen, they lose former firmness and elasticity.

Some studies on the effect of smoking on potency

A number of studies have shown that the negative effects of smoking on blood vessels and sexual function are in most cases reversible. In other words, if you give up the bad habit, you can return to a normal erection over time. However, in order to speed up the process, better use the drugs for erectile dysfunction at the same time.

smoking affects potency

One of the scientific studies has shown that problems with potency attack more than half (53%) of smokers aged 40 to 47 years. By the way, smoking affects potency in different ways. In particular, men may complain of a weak erection, difficulty in maintaining it, early ejaculation, or, conversely, the inability to finish.

Scientists have also found that the likelihood of problems and their intensity correlate with smoking history. Men who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day are 60% more likely to develop impotence than non-smokers. For ex-smokers, the risk is 15% higher than for those who have never abused nicotine. Diagnosed impotence in smokers occurs 30% more often than in people without such bad habits.

Other effects of smoking and factors important for male health

Of course, smoking affects potency, but it also negatively influences the quality indicators of sperm. Smokers have a decrease in sperm count, spermatozoids become less mobile. So, if you want to not only enjoy quality sex, but also become a father, better quit smoking as soon as possible.

However, do not try to focus only on how smoking affects potency. Do not forget that other factors – a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, stress, and so on – also negatively affect male sexual power.

Impotence-causing medicines: A brief guide

Unfortunately, many men, especially with aging, face the problem of poor erection quality. Quite often, this happens due to impotence-causing medicines. With certain diagnosis, patients have to take them, thus risking their sexual health.

Below we will list some commonly used impotence-causing medicines which can trigger the onset of erectile dysfunction. At the same time, please mind that impotence occurs in a minor percentage of patients.

List of impotence-causing medicines

Let us divide the drugs in groups:

  • medicines for the treatment of arterial hypertension, diuretic drugs, centrally acting antihypertensives, α-blockers, β-blockers
  • drugs for the treatment of dyslipidemia (high triglycerides / cholesterol)
  • certain medications to treat heart failure
  • drugs for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases, including lithium salts, haloperidol, chlorpromazine and barbiturates
  • medicines for the treatment of prostatic and endocrinological diseases, corticosteroids
  • certain drugs for gastroenterological diseases
  • drugs for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the osteo-articular system

In particular, such impotence-causing medicines can alter both the function of the hypothalamus-pituitary system and testicular steroidogenesis. Also, they can act by antagonizing the peripheral action of androgens. In any case, better see a doctor who may possibly prescribe you an alternative therapy.

Other risk factors for men

Besides the listed drug groups, mind other potentially harmful substances. For example, men may obtain erectile dysfunction due to drug (cannabis, cocaine, LSD etc.) abuse. In addition, drinking too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes can also aggravate the disorder. Moreover, alcohol abuse often leads to decreased libido and premature ejaculation.

impotence-causing medicines