How smoking affects potency

Dear smokers, I have bad news for you. In fact, the naked truth that smoking affects potency in a negative way has been known for a long time. You yourself have definitely seen the warning labels and pictures on cigarette packs. Moreover, you may have heard the medical term “nicotine impotence”. Anyway, today I propose to talk about the connection between erectile dysfunction and smoking.

The effect of nicotine on male sexual function

Most men have real phobia of impotence. However, many imagine this diagnosis as a complete loss of erection. Meanwhile, in fact, erectile dysfunction most often manifests itself as insufficient firmness of the penis.

The condition of this male organ depends on a symbiosis of factors, including blood circulation. Obviously, smoking has a negative effect on blood vessels. Thus, smoking affects potency – indirectly and negatively.

First, nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict. In addition, it provokes a spasm of the vascular walls. This, in turn, affects the arteries of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, as well as the penis. With prolonged abuse of nicotine, the structure of blood vessels and their ability to relax worsen, they lose former firmness and elasticity.

Some studies on the effect of smoking on potency

A number of studies have shown that the negative effects of smoking on blood vessels and sexual function are in most cases reversible. In other words, if you give up the bad habit, you can return to a normal erection over time. However, in order to speed up the process, better use the drugs for erectile dysfunction at the same time.

smoking affects potency

One of the scientific studies has shown that problems with potency attack more than half (53%) of smokers aged 40 to 47 years. By the way, smoking affects potency in different ways. In particular, men may complain of a weak erection, difficulty in maintaining it, early ejaculation, or, conversely, the inability to finish.

Scientists have also found that the likelihood of problems and their intensity correlate with smoking history. Men who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day are 60% more likely to develop impotence than non-smokers. For ex-smokers, the risk is 15% higher than for those who have never abused nicotine. Diagnosed impotence in smokers occurs 30% more often than in people without such bad habits.

Other effects of smoking and factors important for male health

Of course, smoking affects potency, but it also negatively influences the quality indicators of sperm. Smokers have a decrease in sperm count, spermatozoids become less mobile. So, if you want to not only enjoy quality sex, but also become a father, better quit smoking as soon as possible.

However, do not try to focus only on how smoking affects potency. Do not forget that other factors – a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, stress, and so on – also negatively affect male sexual power.

Impotence-causing medicines: A brief guide

Unfortunately, many men, especially with aging, face the problem of poor erection quality. Quite often, this happens due to impotence-causing medicines. With certain diagnosis, patients have to take them, thus risking their sexual health.

Below we will list some commonly used impotence-causing medicines which can trigger the onset of erectile dysfunction. At the same time, please mind that impotence occurs in a minor percentage of patients.

List of impotence-causing medicines

Let us divide the drugs in groups:

  • medicines for the treatment of arterial hypertension, diuretic drugs, centrally acting antihypertensives, α-blockers, β-blockers
  • drugs for the treatment of dyslipidemia (high triglycerides / cholesterol)
  • certain medications to treat heart failure
  • drugs for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases, including lithium salts, haloperidol, chlorpromazine and barbiturates
  • medicines for the treatment of prostatic and endocrinological diseases, corticosteroids
  • certain drugs for gastroenterological diseases
  • drugs for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the osteo-articular system

In particular, such impotence-causing medicines can alter both the function of the hypothalamus-pituitary system and testicular steroidogenesis. Also, they can act by antagonizing the peripheral action of androgens. In any case, better see a doctor who may possibly prescribe you an alternative therapy.

Other risk factors for men

Besides the listed drug groups, mind other potentially harmful substances. For example, men may obtain erectile dysfunction due to drug (cannabis, cocaine, LSD etc.) abuse. In addition, drinking too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes can also aggravate the disorder. Moreover, alcohol abuse often leads to decreased libido and premature ejaculation.

impotence-causing medicines

Erectile dysfunction psychotherapy – the main things to know

According to some reports, approximately 40% of cases of impotence in men have psychological causes. Thus, many people need erectile dysfunction psychotherapy. Typically, this method brings to excellent results. At the same time, for greater success of treatment, better simultaneously switch to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, in the course of therapy, a man can use “doping” in the form of effective pills for impotence.

Why do men resort to erectile dysfunction psychotherapy?

Erection problems don’t just rob us of fulfilling lives and essential pleasures. Unfortunately, impotence can also lead to relationship problems and even family breakdown. Furthermore, insufficient or absent erection negatively affects the emotional state of a man in general. In turn, this causes a decrease in self-esteem and self-confidence, which can exacerbate anxiety or apathy. For many, erectile dysfunction psychotherapy is the only way out, along with the medicines such as Viagra.

erectile dysfunction psychotherapy

What stages can include psychotherapy for impotence?

Of course, each school and each specialist has its own treatment methods. Moreover, the program of erectile dysfunction psychotherapy usually depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. Finally, the duration and intensity of such therapy depend on the degree of erection problems. However, the most common practices involve several steps:

  • Building trust with the patient. Without sincere contact, the therapist will not be able to help you cope with difficulties in sex. In addition, reducing anxiety and distrust at the very beginning of the course helps to relax. This can positively affect both the effectiveness of psychotherapy and the sexual function itself.
  • Strengthening of personal protective mechanisms and formation of a positive life scenario. Also, at this stage of psychotherapy for erectile dysfunction, some specialists include body therapy in the program. Besides, to deal with acute stressful situations, the doctor may offer you hypnosis sessions.
  • Pair or family therapy. Even with noticeable success, the patient should think about joint sessions with a partner. Most often, an average couple needs just 5 to 10 sessions with a psychotherapist.

Additional tips for suffering from impotence

I should emphasize once again that men should better combine erectile dysfunction psychotherapy with other methods to improve potency. For example, if you have problems with erection, consider quitting smoking and reducing the amount of alcohol. Also, don’t forget about physical activity and a healthy diet. Of course, feel free to support yourself with ED pills if necessary. Every quality sex in case of psychogenic impotence will work for you.

Diseases to provoke erectile dysfunction (and those caused by it)

Today, I would like to briefly talk about the diseases which can provoke erectile dysfunction. Moreover, I will list the most common consequences of impotence in men. Yes, our body is designed in such a way that one disease can cause a second, and that, in turn, provoke a third.

Basic diagnoses – potential threats to potency

However, let’s start with diseases that can lead to difficulties with an erection in men of all ages. Of course, any person can easily solve such problems with the help of proper drugs. However, noticing the symptoms in time often helps to avoid real difficulties. If you manage to cure the underlying disease, erectile dysfunction may not occur.

The main diseases that provoke erectile dysfunction:

  • Endocrine diseases. Quite often, impotence occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance. Some men can recover sexual function by treating an underlying condition.
  • Diabetes. This disease affects not only hormones, but other bodily functions as well. As a result, many patients cannot naturally achieve a normal erection and keep it long enough. In this case, in addition to treating diabetes, doctors recommend choosing the appropriate dose of anti-ED medication.
  • Pathology of the heart and (or) blood vessels. In fact, these diseases are among the main ones to provoke erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the majority of effective drugs for impotence work primarily due to their effect on blood vessels.
  • Prostatitis. Unfortunately, this disease can both provoke erectile dysfunction and be a consequence of impotence. Anyway, check regularly and monitor your symptoms.
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Use condoms.
  • Mental illnesses and psychological problems. Even common stress and depression can trigger impotence. Also, don’t forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

provoke erectile dysfunction

What can impotence lead to?

After we have focused on the diseases that provoke erectile dysfunction, let’s talk about the opposite situation. What can impotence lead to, besides the lack of sex?

Impotence itself may be a symptom of other diseases, for example:

  • atherosclerosis
  • ischemia
  • increased risk of stroke
  • depression.

Take care of yourself!

Pandemic-related sexual problems

Today, I propose to discuss global pandemic-related sexual problems. Let us talk about the challenges that people around the world face due to COVID, how to improve sex in these hard times, and which new important rules to follow.

It has long been known (a study was conducted by one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world) that during the pandemic people spent in bed making love much less time than usually. Also, for obvious reasons, men and women almost everywhere had less sex. Due to lockdowns and social distancing, health fears and the growth of depressive moods our intimate lives got worth.

But I would like to mention some other pandemic-related sexual problems, too.

Some other pandemic-related sexual problems causes

First of all, the reason for less and worse sex lies in the psychological reasons. Due to the fear of infection and of the future in general, many people experience anxiety. In addition, many have both psychological and financial difficulties, which often lead to depression – another trigger of pandemic-related sexual problems. Unfortunately, you cannot figure it all out by vaccinating.

pandemic-related sexual problems

Also, when life gets this difficult, many people just don’t have time for sex. On the other hand, the lack of sex and emotional intimacy can lead to even greater depression. A vicious circle! So, what to do? First of all, seek intimacy despite the daily difficulties. In case of physiological problems with erection, take special medications.

The rules for safe and successful sex during the pandemic

Now, after talking about pandemic-related sexual problems, I’ll give you a few simple tips that will help enjoy safe, high-quality sex even these days:

  • Literally make an effort to forget all your worries and go back to your normal intimate life.
  • Ask your doctor for a prescription to purchase pills to improve erection quality, or search for them on the Internet, so that you can be ready for a sexual adventure whenever you need them.
  • Don’t have sex if you have a diagnosis or symptoms of the virus. During the recovery period, refrain from unnecessary stress and physical loads. Also, self-isolate in order not to infect anyone.
  • To avoid pandemic-related sexual problems, be even more careful in case of one-night stands. Avoid kissing, use protective equipment and contraception.
  • Do not forget that the virus spreads through all types of mucous membranes. So, take care not only of hand hygiene, but also of the whole body, including the genitals.

Why is Sildenafil better than other drugs for impotence?

Most men, at the first signs of impotence, choose taking medications based on Sildenafil. However, is Sildenafil better than other erectile dysfunction drugs? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Benefits of Sildenafil compared to other alike medicines

First of all, speaking about why is Sildenafil better than other similar medicines, I would like to mention its long-term use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Scientists invented other erectile dysfunction drugs much later (and still continue working on them), while Sildenafil has been helping men for decades. During this time, millions were able to make sure of the highest efficiency and amazing safety of this product.

In addition, Sildenafil seems much better than other medications in terms of speed and duration of action. First of all, these pills affect the erection quickly enough. You just have to take a pill, and then start petting right away, so that you can have excellent sex literally in half an hour or even earlier.

Sildenafil better than

Also note the duration of action of Sildenafil. Most men can have great erections and have sex continuously or several times within hours after taking the pill. In fact, most of us do not need longer erections.

Moreover, the medication works only at the moment when you get aroused and really want sex. In other words, erection won’t disturb you if do not need sex anymore.

Disadvantages of Sildenafil compared to some other means

Honestly, is Sildenafil always better than other medicines for impotence? No! For some men, other similar drugs might work better. First of all, I mean patients with severe erectile dysfunction. Such men need constant therapy with a long-term positive effect, and therefore prefer to take Cialis tablets.

I would like to note another advantage of Cialis. In other words, just one high-dose yellow pill can act for two days or even longer. That is why men who have sex rarely, but for a long time (for example, for the whole weekend), prefer this substance.

As for the long-term treatment of impotence with Cialis, it has certain disadvantages. In particular, you will have to take the pills every day, if possible at the same time. That is, you must constantly remember about the medicine, always carry it with you and do not forget to take it. Not everyone likes such an approach, so many men answer the question is Sildenafil better than other drugs, including Cilais, in an obvious way.

The relationship between impotence and prostatitis

Does any direct connection between impotence and prostatitis really exist? What should a men who have noticed the very first symptoms of prostatitis, but do not want to give up quality sex, do? Today, I will list the most important things about the influence of these two diseases on each other.

What is prostatitis, how does it arise, and what symptoms it has?

Before talking about the connection between impotence and prostatitis, I will briefly talk about the disease itself. Unfortunately, the older we are, the more likely it is to get sick. However, we have various methods of prevention and treatment. I’d mention them, too.

Prostatitis for dummies

The prostate gland, or prostate, performs very important functions in the male body. In particular, it secretes a substance that makes up 75% of the total semen volume. Also, it works with testosterone metabolism.

Inflammation of the prostate gland, or prostatitis, overtakes many men. Most often, patients get this disease of the genitourinary system as a result of infections, frequent hypothermia, certain injuries, and also due to a sedentary and, in general, improper lifestyle.

impotence and prostatitis

Before talking about the connection between impotence and prostatitis, I would like to list the main symptoms of the second disease. They include a feeling of heaviness and dull pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and / or perineum, painful and / or frequent urination, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, signs of intoxication. In addition, some patients notice unhealthy discharge from the penis, pain and heaviness in the anus, as well as a decrease in potency and even libido.

Why this connection between impotence and prostatitis might exist?

In fact, doctors and scientists still have different opinions on this matter. Particularly, according to one of the opinions, damage to the endothelium of the vessels of the penis leads to a decrease in erection. In fact, most doctors think exactly so.

However, some other experts insist that psychological causes as a result of prostatitis lead to impotence. According to them, constant pain causes depression and anxiety, which, in turn, lead to erectile dysfunction.

How to restore potency with prostatitis?

If erectile dysfunction arises because of infection and damage to the prostate, Viagra will (most likely) not help you. In this case, a patient must first of all heal the underlying disease, prostatitis.

For bacterial prostatitis, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics. In addition, they recommend the use of physical therapy and massage to increase blood flow to the site of infection and relieve swelling in the prostate gland. Subsequently, and even at the same time, you can take Viagra. It will help both in sex and in improving blood flow in the genital area.

Methods for preventing inflammation of the prostate gland

Oddly enough, regular sex life is one of the best methods of preventing prostatitis. Of course, a healthy lifestyle in general, as well as good hygiene, especially during intercourse, will not hurt you as well. In addition, doctors recommend avoiding hypothermia. Also, do not forget about regular check-ups. Men over the age of 40 should visit their therapist and urologist at least once a year.

How serious is the connection between impotence and prostatitis?

According to statistics, about 30% of men with chronic prostatitis also suffer from erectile dysfunction, and often also from premature ejaculation. Impotence with prostatitis increases gradually, over the years. Moreover, as a result of insufficient functioning of the prostate gland, insufficient synthesis of secretions occurs, which in turn negatively affects the male reproductive system.

What happens if a woman, teenager or child takes Viagra?

We talk a lot about the proper and safe use of the magic blue pills in men – both healthy and not. However, today I would like to answer another interesting question: what will happen if a woman, teenager or child takes Viagra? Should you hide your sex improving tablets from your partners and children? Let us start!

The effects of Viagra in female patients

Before talking on what might happen if a child takes Viagra, let us focus on women. Have you ever seen Sex and the City? I’m talking about the episode in which Samantha became addicted to Viagra…

In fact, women can actually take their partners’ regular pills – it won’t do any harm! Moreover, now you can even purchase a special Viagra for women. It acts by increasing the flow of blood to the genitals (just as in men). In other words, if a woman takes this medicine, her sensitivity and arousal will increase. However, these pills will not help with an absent libido.

Anyway, nothing terrible will happen if a woman takes your blue magic pill. At the same time, do not forget about Viagra side effects, which could hit anyone, regardless of gender.

What might happen if a child takes Viagra?

We have already figured out how this drug affects women. Now, let’s try to understand what happens if a teenager or a child takes Viagra. Theoretically, your kid may swallow a pill accidentally, or try it intentionally.

teenager or child takes Viagra

First of all, I want to emphasize that this particular medication has certain contraindications, including young age of a patient. Moreover, if a teenager faces erectile dysfunction, you should immediately bring him to a specialist. Most often, such problems arise due to psychological factors.

Once again, do not forget that contraindications for taking the drug include childhood. Therefore, if a child takes Viagra, better search for medical assistance as soon as possible.

At the same time, scientists have experimented on treating pulmonary hypertension in young patients with Viagra. Still, the practice has not become widespread. In fact, potential risks to the child’s body might outweigh the benefits of such therapy.

Sexual health COVID risks in men

Unfortunately, more and more people around the world get COVID. But right now I would like to talk not about the virus itself, but about its complications. In particular, let us learn more about sexual health COVID risks in men. So, we will focus on those consequences that can affect specifically men’s health and the ability to have sex as before. Of course, I will mention other potential risks, too.

sexual health COVID risks

Complications in those who have had COVID that can affect men’s health

Although the virus itself is a rather unpleasant and sometimes fatal illness, sexual health COVID risks for men make the situation even worse. Obviously, no one wants deprive the ordinary joys of life, including sex.

So, here’s what research has shown men can expect after recovery:

  • According to one recent discovery, some men risk becoming infertile. Of course, you can search for a proper cure. But better not get sick at all.
  • Several other studies have shown that men who have had COVID may have difficulty getting or keeping erections. Causes might include general weakness after illness and probable vascular problems. If this happens, better see a doctor and find the right means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

List of other common complications

In fact, other complications, although not included in the sexual health COVID risks in men, may be very dangerous (both for men and women).

The most common complications include:

  • pneumonia (very common)
  • acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • respiratory failure (common)
  • acute lower respiratory tract infection
  • pneumothorax
  • acute myocarditis (rare)
  • blood clotting disorder and other hematological disorders
  • acute renal failure (quite often, especially in patients predisposed to it)
  • violation of smell and taste (almost always)
  • sepsis

Fortunately, recent studies have shown that having the COVID does not increase your risk of stroke.

What to do to avoid complications and sexual health COVID risks?

Certainly, the easiest way is to trust the standard methods of prevention and try to avoid the disease itself. In particular, keep your distance, wash your hands as often as possible, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As soon as the opportunity arises, get vaccinated – this will prevent you from getting sick, or at least make the disease milder.

My battle with impotence

Today, I would like to share my personal experience of a battle with impotence. I know that many doctors prefer not to talk about their own health problems. However, we suffer from the same diseases as everyone else. Therefore, I have decided to speak of my experience of treating erectile dysfunction with the visitors of this website.

How does a doctor’s battle with impotence differ from others’?

Theoretically, in my case, everything should be simpler. In particular, I know how to eat properly, I maintain a healthy lifestyle, I undergo medical exams regularly, and so on. Still, even a doctor’s lifestyle may not be perfect. Furthermore, no one is immune from harmful external influences or genetic pathologies. Anyway, I also suffer from mild erectile dysfunction.

My battle with impotence

Personally, my impotence might be caused by bad habits and psychological problems. I constantly undergo preventive examinations with colleagues and pass all kinds of tests, so I know that everything else goes fine. However, regular problems in bed make my life worse.

What I do to improve my sex life?

Of course, there are pros and cons in my battle with impotence. On the one hand, I have the necessary knowledge and the ability to ask colleagues to help me anytime. At the same time, I can’t give up bad habits and deal with stress. Because of the stress and depression, especially this year, the problems have gotten worse. Due to the same stress in a pandemic I do not stop smoking, even after seeing severe patients.

However, my situation is much better than for most men. And here are my so-called secrets:

  • I understand the gravity of my situation, so I try to smoke and drink less to enjoy sex.
  • Also, I’m looking for every opportunity to calm down. For example, this year I started doing yoga.
  • I regularly undergo health checks on the most important organs for men: heart, prostate, blood vessels.
  • When I notice that things get really bad (that is, I have not been able to have full sex more than three times in a row), I take the pills at the dosage suitable for me.

As you can imagine, any man can do the same. Good luck!