The relationship between impotence and prostatitis

Does any direct connection between impotence and prostatitis really exist? What should a men who have noticed the very first symptoms of prostatitis, but do not want to give up quality sex, do? Today, I will list the most important things about the influence of these two diseases on each other.

What is prostatitis, how does it arise, and what symptoms it has?

Before talking about the connection between impotence and prostatitis, I will briefly talk about the disease itself. Unfortunately, the older we are, the more likely it is to get sick. However, we have various methods of prevention and treatment. I’d mention them, too.

Prostatitis for dummies

The prostate gland, or prostate, performs very important functions in the male body. In particular, it secretes a substance that makes up 75% of the total semen volume. Also, it works with testosterone metabolism.

Inflammation of the prostate gland, or prostatitis, overtakes many men. Most often, patients get this disease of the genitourinary system as a result of infections, frequent hypothermia, certain injuries, and also due to a sedentary and, in general, improper lifestyle.

impotence and prostatitis

Before talking about the connection between impotence and prostatitis, I would like to list the main symptoms of the second disease. They include a feeling of heaviness and dull pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and / or perineum, painful and / or frequent urination, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, signs of intoxication. In addition, some patients notice unhealthy discharge from the penis, pain and heaviness in the anus, as well as a decrease in potency and even libido.

Why this connection between impotence and prostatitis might exist?

In fact, doctors and scientists still have different opinions on this matter. Particularly, according to one of the opinions, damage to the endothelium of the vessels of the penis leads to a decrease in erection. In fact, most doctors think exactly so.

However, some other experts insist that psychological causes as a result of prostatitis lead to impotence. According to them, constant pain causes depression and anxiety, which, in turn, lead to erectile dysfunction.

How to restore potency with prostatitis?

If erectile dysfunction arises because of infection and damage to the prostate, Viagra will (most likely) not help you. In this case, a patient must first of all heal the underlying disease, prostatitis.

For bacterial prostatitis, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics. In addition, they recommend the use of physical therapy and massage to increase blood flow to the site of infection and relieve swelling in the prostate gland. Subsequently, and even at the same time, you can take Viagra. It will help both in sex and in improving blood flow in the genital area.

Methods for preventing inflammation of the prostate gland

Oddly enough, regular sex life is one of the best methods of preventing prostatitis. Of course, a healthy lifestyle in general, as well as good hygiene, especially during intercourse, will not hurt you as well. In addition, doctors recommend avoiding hypothermia. Also, do not forget about regular check-ups. Men over the age of 40 should visit their therapist and urologist at least once a year.

How serious is the connection between impotence and prostatitis?

According to statistics, about 30% of men with chronic prostatitis also suffer from erectile dysfunction, and often also from premature ejaculation. Impotence with prostatitis increases gradually, over the years. Moreover, as a result of insufficient functioning of the prostate gland, insufficient synthesis of secretions occurs, which in turn negatively affects the male reproductive system.

Sexual health COVID risks in men

Unfortunately, more and more people around the world get COVID. But right now I would like to talk not about the virus itself, but about its complications. In particular, let us learn more about sexual health COVID risks in men. So, we will focus on those consequences that can affect specifically men’s health and the ability to have sex as before. Of course, I will mention other potential risks, too.

sexual health COVID risks

Complications in those who have had COVID that can affect men’s health

Although the virus itself is a rather unpleasant and sometimes fatal illness, sexual health COVID risks for men make the situation even worse. Obviously, no one wants deprive the ordinary joys of life, including sex.

So, here’s what research has shown men can expect after recovery:

  • According to one recent discovery, some men risk becoming infertile. Of course, you can search for a proper cure. But better not get sick at all.
  • Several other studies have shown that men who have had COVID may have difficulty getting or keeping erections. Causes might include general weakness after illness and probable vascular problems. If this happens, better see a doctor and find the right means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

List of other common complications

In fact, other complications, although not included in the sexual health COVID risks in men, may be very dangerous (both for men and women).

The most common complications include:

  • pneumonia (very common)
  • acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • respiratory failure (common)
  • acute lower respiratory tract infection
  • pneumothorax
  • acute myocarditis (rare)
  • blood clotting disorder and other hematological disorders
  • acute renal failure (quite often, especially in patients predisposed to it)
  • violation of smell and taste (almost always)
  • sepsis

Fortunately, recent studies have shown that having the COVID does not increase your risk of stroke.

What to do to avoid complications and sexual health COVID risks?

Certainly, the easiest way is to trust the standard methods of prevention and try to avoid the disease itself. In particular, keep your distance, wash your hands as often as possible, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As soon as the opportunity arises, get vaccinated – this will prevent you from getting sick, or at least make the disease milder.

My battle with impotence

Today, I would like to share my personal experience of a battle with impotence. I know that many doctors prefer not to talk about their own health problems. However, we suffer from the same diseases as everyone else. Therefore, I have decided to speak of my experience of treating erectile dysfunction with the visitors of this website.

How does a doctor’s battle with impotence differ from others’?

Theoretically, in my case, everything should be simpler. In particular, I know how to eat properly, I maintain a healthy lifestyle, I undergo medical exams regularly, and so on. Still, even a doctor’s lifestyle may not be perfect. Furthermore, no one is immune from harmful external influences or genetic pathologies. Anyway, I also suffer from mild erectile dysfunction.

My battle with impotence

Personally, my impotence might be caused by bad habits and psychological problems. I constantly undergo preventive examinations with colleagues and pass all kinds of tests, so I know that everything else goes fine. However, regular problems in bed make my life worse.

What I do to improve my sex life?

Of course, there are pros and cons in my battle with impotence. On the one hand, I have the necessary knowledge and the ability to ask colleagues to help me anytime. At the same time, I can’t give up bad habits and deal with stress. Because of the stress and depression, especially this year, the problems have gotten worse. Due to the same stress in a pandemic I do not stop smoking, even after seeing severe patients.

However, my situation is much better than for most men. And here are my so-called secrets:

  • I understand the gravity of my situation, so I try to smoke and drink less to enjoy sex.
  • Also, I’m looking for every opportunity to calm down. For example, this year I started doing yoga.
  • I regularly undergo health checks on the most important organs for men: heart, prostate, blood vessels.
  • When I notice that things get really bad (that is, I have not been able to have full sex more than three times in a row), I take the pills at the dosage suitable for me.

As you can imagine, any man can do the same. Good luck!

Easing Viagra side effects

In fact, the blue pills adored by many of most often demonstrate have high efficiency and safety. However, some men still face some unpleasant consequences. Therefore, today we will talk about easing Viagra side effects. Any can cope with them quite easily, not stopping taking the magic sex improving tablets.

What to do for easing Viagra side effects?

As you know, the most common side effects of Viagra include headache, nasal congestion, or even nosebleeds, and a feeling of heat in the face, neck and chest. Now, let’s talk about easing Viagra side effects like these in more detail.

  • Headache. Some men, while taking Viagra and other similar medications, complain of headaches. Moreover, some patients may suffer it up to three days after taking the blue pill. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often, and anyone can easily deal with it. In particular, you can take regular Aspirin, any drug based on acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol and caffeine, or any other pain relief medicine you prefer.
  • Nasal congestion. In fact, we cannot advise any specific medicine for this. However, you can try simply rinsing the nasopharynx using a pharmacy or homemade formula.
  • “Hot flashes”, as in women during menopause. Unfortunately, you cannot stop or even significantly ease this symptom. On the other hand, you will not really suffer.

What side effects might indicate a dangerous situation?

In some cases, the body’s reaction to the drug can be unexpected and even dangerous. If you worry about abnormal symptoms, forget about easing Viagra side effects, but see a doctor as soon as possible.

Here are some warning signs:

  • Painful or prolonged (lasting more than 4 hours) erection. If this happens, a patient may suffer from both symptoms at once. Better go to an ambulance as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing the opportunity to enjoy sex forever.
  • A sharp deterioration in vision. Although stories of people blinded by these pills are just rumors, some patients may experience vision problems for real. If they recur or the situation worsens, stop taking the drug at least temporarily and make an appointment with a specialist.
  • Heart problems. Anyone who has experienced severe chest pain and other symptoms of a heart attack should seek immediate medical attention. Do not even think of easing Viagra side effects on yourself in this case. Also, mind abnormal changes in heart rate or blood pressure.

Tips on easing Viagra side effects

We emphasize once again that such consequences of taking Viagra are extremely rare. They usually indicate that the patient suffers from other serious medical conditions. In addition, it may happen when a man takes the medicine in a wrong way. So, always follow the instructions for use!

How does porn affect erection?

Is it true that watching porn makes your erection worse? In fact, this fairly common opinion might be both correct and absolutely wrong. People often ask how does porn affect erection. Quite many patients complain of erectile dysfunction of a probably psychogenic nature, and in the process of collecting anamnesis, it turns out that sufferers abuse porn viewing. But what about the very idea that porn affects erection negatively, and even directly? Today I will try to answer this question.

Why do men and women believe that porn has an impact on erection?

As a rule, men with the first signs of impotence, terrified of serious diseases, try to find the simplest explanation for their illness. Such a convenient approach! After all, if porn affects erection, just stop watching it – and you will be fine, even without potent drugs. Wives of patients with erectile dysfunction can put pressure on their spouses just because they do not like this habit for some reason.

porn affect erection

Groups of researchers have conducted experiments on the correlation between porn and erection quality. They wanted to ask a question of how does porn affect erection. But in fact, no serious scientific work on the topic with real evidence still exists. On the other hand, my colleagues and I have come across a lot of case histories where porn actually affected erections in specific patients. However, actually all of them were psychological or near-psychological.

Psychological aspects and consequences of watching porn for erection

First, if you abuse porn, especially “exotic” or “hard” genres, you may have less or no arousal in real sex with “normal” partners. And, without arousal, there will be no erection. Moreover, even “magic” Viagra will work only if you get excited at least a little.

This can be compared to coffee. At first, you wake up with one cup, then you need five a day, and then nothing works at all.

On the other hand, during the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a specialist may advise you to watch porn on the contrary. However, most likely, in moderation. Short and not too radical videos will help you get excited so that the pills will work.

Do not forget that porn differs from the usual sex of ordinary people in real life a lot. Most people with specific tastes have difficulties in finding a matching partner. In addition, the creators of these films have a whole arsenal of “tricks.” Even a true fan of porn can be shocked finding himself on the set.

Do not forget that men often suffer from physiologically determined impotence, too. In this case, do not overestimate the possible impact of porn movies on an erection, but search for the cause of such problems, and treat the underlying disease.

Not just impotence: Sildenafil for Raynaud’s syndrome

As I already mentioned in my articles on this website, doctors use Sildenafil (Viagra) for more purposes than just treating erectile dysfunction. For example, recently, scientists started studying the properties of Viagra for COVID patients. Today I will tell you about one more atypical use of the drug. Let’s talk about the use of Sildenafil for Raynaud’s syndrome.

What is Raynaud’s syndrome?

The so-called Raynaud’s syndrome, or Raynaud’s disease, is a disorder of blood vessels in the fingers and toes. How it works? The blood vessels narrow when a patient feels cold or stressed, and the fingers and toes turn white to blue.

In fact, I’d call it an excessive vasospastic reaction to exposure to cold or emotional stress. Clinical manifestations include the appearance of sharply delineated areas of discoloration of the skin on the fingers and toes. As a rule, these areas acquire a very pale, even bluish color.

Sildenafil for Raynaud's syndrome

This syndrome is quite common, especially in countries and regions with cold climates. In such areas, the disease affects up to 3-5% of the population. Raynaud’s syndrome can be primary, or idiopathic, and secondary, associated with other diseases. Fortunately, we can use Sildenafil for Raynaud’s syndrome, which effectively fights the symptoms.

Research on the use of Viagra for the treatment of Raynaud’s disease

More than a dozen scientific studies published in the specialized medical press confirm the success of the use of Sildenafil for Raynaud’s syndrome. Let me emphasize that the medication is effective in both primary and secondary nature of the disease.

In particular, according to one of the studies, in the treatment of Raynaud’s syndrome, Viagra (Sildenafil) allows not only to get rid of symptoms (in some cases completely), but also to heal existing digital ulcers on the hands and feet.

Sildenafil for Raynaud’s Syndrome: Side effects and a pleasant bonus

In the above study, patients took one pill at a dosage of 50 mg once a day in the evening. The participants tolerated the treatment well and practically did not complain of side effects. In a number of cases, they experienced a minor headache.

However, I almost forgot to mention one significant “side effect”. You might have guessed that I am talking about excellent erection in the male part of the group. Such a nice bonus of treatment appeared in those patients who were already aroused, since that it how Viagra works.

Home remedies for impotence: Do they work?

Today, I propose to talk about home remedies for impotence. Some people also call them natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, or folk remedies. Anyway, let’s try to figure out whether such tools work, and do they harm or benefit.

Harmless home remedies for impotence

This time, I will not talk about questionable supplements, but only about foods that are considered aphrodisiacs and erection stimulants. I would call all these products harmless home remedies for impotence.

Shellfish and other seafood

Many believe that seafood, including oysters, enhances masculine strength. Due to the high content of protein and other substances, these products can really positively affect the potency and even the volume of semen. However, I would rather call them natural aphrodisiacs than a remedy for impotence. Also, don’t forget that “overdosing” on shellfish can lead to unpleasant “side effects” and poisoning.

ED home remedies seafood and oysters


Legends about the magical effect of ginseng root on male potency and human health in general come from ancient China. Many people still believe in its superpower. People make ginseng tinctures, including alcohol-based, and count on the effect. Perhaps, due to this faith, some really feel it.


Another “magic root”, quite a popular home remedy for impotence, theoretically may increase the flow of blood. Let me remind you that this is one of the properties of the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction, Viagra. Unfortunately, alcoholic-based “magic roots” tinctures most often lead to problems in bed than to the desired effect, since alcohol decreases libido and erection quality.

Walnut and other nuts

On my opinion, in this case, a light “effect” sometimes happens because of protein, just as with shellfish. However, nuts are good for your health (mind the calories!), so eat them if you wish.

Do the above home remedies for impotence help solve the problem?

Unfortunately, all of the foods listed above are unlikely to help you get rid of erectile dysfunction. Some patients claim that such remedies for impotence work, but I would attribute this to the placebo effect. On the other hand, none of these products will harm you.

But, if you really want to permanently solve your erection problems, better consult a specialist or just start taking highly effective medications. In addition, I recommend combining any kind of treatment with a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, especially at the initial stages of impotence, a man just has to get rid of stress and bad habits, start eating healthier foods, and increase physical activity in order to restore normal sexual function.

Impotence and premature ejaculation at the same time – Is it possible?

Many of you know firsthand that a man can suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation at the same time. I want to talk about the medical aspects of this quite common problem and the methods of its treatment. But first of all, I want to reassure you: it is quite normal to experience difficulties with erection and, simultaneously, to finish too quickly.

In fact, the average sexual intercourse, even in a completely healthy man, lasts as little as 2 to 5 minutes.

How do premature ejaculation and impotence develop?

In our blog, you can read a lot about sexual dysfunctions in men and how to treat them. Most often, I talk about erectile dysfunction, since this disaster hits us the most. However, impotence and premature ejaculation may develop at the same time, causing even more problems in sex life.

impotence and premature ejaculation

Obviously, both conditions may have both psychological and physiological origins. Moreover, one problem does not exclude another. You may suffer from difficulty getting or keeping an erection, but as soon as the penis enlarges, ejaculate immediately. In most cases, such a problem has psychological roots (or both).

Young men are more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation, but even older person complain of it quite often.

Can you treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with one drug?

As I have already noted, the simultaneous presence of impotence and premature ejaculation usually occurs with the background of psychological problems. Even if both sexual dysfunctions have physiological roots, too, psychology is somewhere near. Therefore, think of psychotherapy or at least independent work on yourself, such as meditation.

However, you do not need to see a doctor right away, especially if the difficulties have arisen recently and do not yet seem critical. Fortunately, today anyone can purchase one of the multifunctional medicines which help with two problems at once. In particular, consider taking pills containing both Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, for impotence and premature ejaculation respectively.

It has been scientifically proven that a man can take these two substances simultaneously without risks to health and sexual function. Just follow the instructions.

Erectile dysfunction in young people: Why does it occur and how to treat it?

You probably know that impotence most often occurs in older men. Meanwhile, in recent years, the trend of erectile dysfunction among young people has been increasing. Let’s look at why problems with an erection can occur even in very young men. Also, let us understand and how to improve the situation.

According to statistics, impotence is four times more common in men over the age of 60 than in patients aged 40 to 60 years. However, erectile dysfunction can occur even in a teenager.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young people

As numerous studies have shown, the main causes of impotence vary depending on the age of patients. In other words, teenagers and very young men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons. However, at the age of 30, impotence occurs caused because of physiological factors and improper lifestyle.

Here are the most common causes of impotence in young men:

  • Psychological: childhood trauma, lack of sexual experience, unsuccessful attempts to have sex, fear of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy, conflicts with partners, financial problems and subsequent stress, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep in young fathers.
  • Physiological: disorders of endocrine function, vascular diseases, diseases and injuries of the genitals and pelvic organs, disorders of the central nervous system, heart disease, cancer at an early stage, low-activity lifestyle, bad habits.

As a rule, erectile dysfunction in young people is quite easy to treat. Most often, a patient has just to eliminate the cause of difficulties in bed, and the penis begins to work normally. For example, in the case of childhood trauma, therapy might help to avoid the risk of impotence for many years. Or, for instance, consider improper lifestyle. Just choosing a healthy diet and giving up bad habits leads to sexual life improvement. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always help.

Erectile dysfunction in young people

How to determine the causes of impotence in a young man, and how to treat it?

What if the reasons for difficulties with erection do not seem obvious? And what if you do not intend to visit the doctor and pass necessary exams? Then, you can focus on one medical secret:

Most often, erectile dysfunction due to organic disorders develops gradually. First, the night and morning erections disappear, then the endurance in bed decreases, erection quality worsens, and so on. At the same time, the so-called psychogenic impotence in young people most often occurs suddenly. Spontaneous arousal, especially at night and in the morning, persists, but a patient cannot perform a full sexual act.

If you suspect that you have erectile dysfunction of organic origin at a very young age, you should start treatment as soon as possible. Your doctor will most likely prescribe a number of tests, including a blood test and pelvic ultrasound.

Sexologist-psychologist comments erection difficulties

Not long ago, I met a colleague, doctor in sexology and a practicing psychologist, and we had a conversation about typical erection difficulties in men. Some expert comments surprised even me. So, I want to share with you the most interesting comments of a specialist about typical intimate problems and atypical ways to solve them.

Is it true that, in most cases, psychological reasons cause impotence?

Roughly speaking, yes. Especially if we sum up such causes of erectile dysfunction as stress or depression, psychological attitudes, problems in relationships… In fact, a person not psychologically mature enough who does not know how to build healthy relationships, has erection difficulties more often than you can imagine.

erection difficulties

For many, difficulties in sex arise from the very first attempts to have sex. Why? Unfortunately, inadequate reaction of both partners to “so-so” sex can lead to further erection difficulties. Low self-esteem and increased anxiety only exacerbate the problem.

How common are erection difficulties, according to your practice?

Most often, men come to me precisely with this problem! Women usually seek to understand themselves, work out childhood trauma, and move on. At the same time, almost any psychological problem in men is associated with sexual function. Moreover, analyzing the requests and reviews of my patients, I can come to an amazing conclusion:

On average, every two of ten sexual acts fail…

Although this is normal, men perceive any single failure as a terrible fiasco. I explain to everyone that an erection depends on many factors, and no one can be constantly ready for sex. On my opinion, such false beliefs appear because we are all kind of raised by porn films. There, thanks to Viagra and editing, everyone looks like a sex giant.

Can a man understand when it’s time to worry about impotence?

Yes! If a man regularly or at least occasionally has a morning erection, then everything is definitely fine. The perfect indicator of normal erectile function is having this ‘morning boner” once or twice a week.

Moreover, many men cannot believe that the normal frequency of sex in a stable couple is the same – once or twice a week. The vast majority have some completely unrealistic ideas about sex in general and erections particular. If you prefer having sex three times a year, and this doesn’t bother your partner, congratulations!