Is there any connection between erectile dysfunction and infertility in men?

For some reason, many believe that the inability to conceive a child most often happens because of female infertility. This is not true. But today I want to talk about something else. Let us find out, if there is any connection between erectile dysfunction and infertility in men. In addition, I propose to learn what to do if conception is impossible precisely because of impotence. Of course, I mean those cases when a woman is healthy and completely ready for pregnancy.

Erectile dysfunction and infertility in men: What is important for conception?

In fact, the possibility of conception depends not on the quality of erection and duration of sexual intercourse, but on the quality of sperm. Even with a perfect long-lasting erection and exciting sex, the quality of the sperm can be so low that not a single sperm reaches its target, the egg.

Sperm quality gets influenced by many factors, including such as hypothermia, or vice versa, increased testicular temperature, radiation exposure, untreated sexual infections, and even stress.

How to increase the chances of having a baby in case of male infertility?

So, what to do? If you cannot conceive a child for two years or more, in any case, you should contact specialists in the field of reproductive medicine. Doctors should examine both partners and find out the real reason for the failure.

“Some seemingly harmless medicines, including antibiotics and steroid drugs for allergies, can reduce sperm production in men.”

Most likely, in addition to examinations for diagnosis and treatment, the doctor will advise you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction and infertility can neither overeat nor starve. The diet should be rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, fish, meat. Also, you may need to take supplements. In addition, better give up alcohol and smoking. Think of a high-quality family vacation that will help fight stress and get closer.

What if there is a link between erectile dysfunction and infertility?

In rare cases, the inability to conceive is nevertheless due to impotence. Theoretically, you can try artificial conception. However, with severe erectile dysfunction, a man cannot do even this, if you understand what I mean. Most often, in this case, experts advise getting rid of the main problem, that is, erectile dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction and infertility in men

Regardless of the roots of erection difficulties, specialists advise solving the problems with the help of effective medications such as Viagra or analogues. You can deal with the psychological or physiological causes of impotence at the same time.

Do not forget that erectile dysfunction can be caused by hormonal failure or other endocrine diseases. In this case, the link between erectile dysfunction and infertility in men can be direct. So, you have to first cure the underlying disease.

Generic Viagra pros and cons compared to the original

Before talking about Generic Viagra pros and cons compared to the so-called original version, I would like to remind you of equivalent drugs and their properties. In short, the manufacturers of such medicines create them “in the image and likeness” of their brand-name analogues. Or, even simpler, more expensive patented medicines are absolutely identical to the “copies” with the same active substance not protected by a patent.

generic viagra

The main advantages of generic Viagra making it so popular

Let us start our Generic Viagra pros and cons guide with the pros. Any person who wishes to make his sex life better or to treat erectile dysfunction starts navigating the pharmaceutical market sooner or later. Then, most men start thinking about the difference between all the excising ways to improve potency.

So, here are the main advantages of generic Viagra:

  • Of course, most patients really love cost of equivalent medications. Just try to compare the prices on brand-name Viagra and its generic analogues to make sure that equivalents make you save a lot.
  • Among Generic Viagra pros and cons I would name another absolute benefit. That is, you can purchase an analogue much easier than an original drug. You do not even have to see a doctor and pass exams to get diagnosed and obtain a prescription. Most often, you can easily buy generic Viagra online without a medical advice. Sometimes, you can even find such a medicine at a local drugstore. Still, online purchases help spend less.
  • Another important point concerns those who do not want to support global companies and obey their advertising. They could absolutely do without us.
  • Finally, mind that generic Viagra is as effective as the more expensive “original” equivalent. Both contain the same active substance in the same doses.

Certain disadvantages of generic Viagra

Of course, Generic Viagra pros and cons consist not only of pros. I have listed the main advantages of generic version of the famous blue pills. But let me mind the possible disadvantages, too. For example, theoretically, the amount of the active substance Sildenafil in the equivalent may not be sufficient for an equally strong effect. It mainly depends on the manufacturer and quality control. Also, additional components present in any medicine can cause an allergic reaction in some patients.

In addition, keep in mind that, according to international standards, many generic parameters can differ significantly from the characteristics of the original medicines. Particularly, the speed of action of equivalent drug can be about 10% lower. Also, the amount of additional ingredients can reach one third of the volume of the pill. Anyway, this does not mean that generic medications could harm. No matter which medicine you choose, a brand-name one or its analog, follow the instructions, and you will be totally satisfied.

Helping impotent partner: How to make sex better for both (or more) of you

Many of us have experienced sexual problems at least once. Quite often, such difficulties seem temporary, and pass soon. Unfortunately, many men (well, women and people of other genders, too) have to keep living with the problem for a long time, or even forever. What can you do for your partner who suffers from impotence or erectile dysfunction? Today, we would like to talk about a few simple tricks for those who want to improve sexual atmosphere in the bedroom. This time, forget about the drugs, since you can use some psychological tips!

Tricks on helping partner with impotence for women

Of course, these tips apply not only to the so-called traditional female-male couples, but also to any loving partners. Still, according to the statistics, such marriages suffer from erectile dysfunction and similar problems ore then others. Anyway, check these common causes of difficulties with male erection and ways to solve such problems:

  • Falling out of love. In fact, when love and mutual respect remain the same, but passion fades, the things might seem even worse. While a man suffers from difficulties with erection (many do not even talk about it for various reasons), his wife or partner can just say words of love more often, and gently touch him from time to time.
  • Looking bad. Unfortunately, sometimes, we can fall out of love just because a partner looks bad. We cannot force our beloved ones dress beautifully and take care of themselves, but we can give them a good example.
  • Providing a husband with more stress. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is stress or other psychological problems, additional pressure from the partner will only make it worse. Take care of yourself and live your own life. Then, see what happens and decide if you still need this partnership.
  • Try something new in bed. Some women still do not even think about their own pleasure, and keep waiting for missionary sex wonders. Bad for them! If relationship becomes boring, why not try stimulants or sex toys?
  • Avoiding medications. If your partner admits he has certain problems similar to erectile dysfunction, just let him take the pills.

Tips on helping a partner with erectile dysfunction for all

Along with the above mentioned problems and solutions, mind some other common causes of erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire. Fortunately, all these difficulties are usually quite easy to overcome. And do not forget that, in any case, a relatively healthy man can just take a magic pill…

Helping impotent partner

  • Stress. Obviously, everybody knows how to reduce stress. Then, just do it!
  • Health. Some diseases may cause erectile dysfunction. So make sure your partner visits his doctor regularly and takes the meds he has to take.
  • Physical activity. Jogging or swimming together will help both in bed and out of it.
  • Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol abuse contribute to impotence even more than age or serious illnesses. Give up bad habits yourself. Perhaps, your partner will follow you too.
  • Improper nutrition. Cook good foods for two, or choose restaurants with healthy cuisine.

Alcoholic impotence: Is it reversible?

Most men who drink too much sooner or later face problems with getting and keeping an erection. In other words, many of us could end up with alcoholic impotence. And, unfortunately, not many ask specialists for advice. My colleague, a psychiatrist, helps her patients not only restore their human qualities, but also solve specific male issues. And around 70% of such difficulties are due to alcohol addiction. Let’s see how to restore male potency in a recovering alcoholic.

The main reasons for alcoholic impotence

First, you need to understand how impotence develops in a drinking man. You might already know that ethyl alcohol affects all human organs and systems, including the brain. Sexual arousal, like all the impulses, comes from the brain. Then, the signals enter the spinal cord, and then, the processes of filling the blood vessels of the genital organs activates. However, ethanol can block impulses, so no erection occurs.

whiskey and alcoholic impotence

In addition, alcohol affects the cardiovascular system. During sexual arousal, a large amount of blood fills the penis, thus allowing a man to maintain an erection. If you drink too much alcohol before sex, the vessels just cannot help provide a good boner. Moreover, with systematic use of such drinks, the walls of the vessels become thinner. In other words, alcoholic impotence becomes almost irreversible.

Other links between alcohol consumption and erectile dysfunction

Now, let us focus on the nerve endings. Quite often, prolonged use of alcohol leads to the death of nerve endings in the male organ, causing severe erectile dysfunction.

Another reason for sexual disturbances in drinking men is a violation of the hormonal background. The production of testosterone reduces. Due to a lack of this hormone, sexual desire reduces, too. Furthermore, this hormonal condition may cause erectile dysfunction, male infertility, testicular atrophy and disruption of the prostate gland.

Another point concerns psychological problems in an alcoholic, which also lead to problems with potency. The worst is that most often such men start drinking even more, thus worsening the situation.

Once again: How to avoid alcoholic impotence

If a man who regularly drinks alcohol has problems with potency, he should contact specialists. But first of all, try do drink in moderation. Even reducing the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink, you can improve your condition and sexual life. Still, better give up alcohol. Another good advice is to see a therapist. Most often, men with history of alcohol abuse have to take medicines in order to restore sexual function.

Sildenafil original

This time, we propose to understand what Sildenafil original is. Hope this guide will help you understand the principle of action of the active substance, study the whole variety of medicines based on Sildenafil citrate, as well as choose the right dose and take the drug with a guarantee of maximum effectiveness. Do not forget that you are not alone, and millions of men all over the world use Sildenafil original and its numerous analogues to cure impotence, or just to make their sex life even better. Do not be shy, just click and buy!

Various types of Sildenafil based drugs

First, let’s try to understand the difference between the so-called Sildenafil original and other versions of the most known drug for erectile dysfunction, as well as the difference between original Viagra and its analogs.

First of all, do not forget that almost all of them contain the same active substance, Sildenafil. This means that any medicine based on this ingredient will approximately equally affect the quality and duration of erection. You just have to choose the most suitable individual dosage and, with the help of a doctor or on your own experience, pick up the most convenient type of such a medication.

sildenafil original couple sex

But where lays the difference between all these drugs? Well, some of them contain additional ingredients, which might be also useful. In addition, different Sildenafil-based medications may have different dosages. Finally, the main difference is the presence or absence of a patent. This detail does not affect the quality of the drug, or its effect. On the other hand, the inscription “original Aspirin” on a package with your pills guarantees the reliability of the drug.

Choosing the right dose and the best method of use

Now let’s try to understand how to choose the appropriate dosage of Sildenafil original if you do not want to consult with specialists, but intend to do everything yourself. First of all, the choice of dose depends on your state of health, age, and degree of difficulty in sex. As a rule, the original Sildenafil goes in the same standard doses as its best-known “brand-name” counterpart, Viagra. And most men prefer a dose of 50 mg of the active substance, or 100 mg pills.

So, who could prefer 50 mg tablets? This not too high dosage suits men who try such a medication for erectile dysfunction for the first time. In addition, it might be fine for people with minor health problems, or older patients. Also, 50 mg dose fits person with minor erection problems.

The increased dosage, 100 mg, is often chosen by healthy young men without any problems in sex who just want more variety in the bedroom. Also, this dose normally suits relatively healthy patients with severe impotence. Keep in mind that you cannot take the maximum dose in case you have any contraindications.

Viagra price

If you compare Viagra prices at ordinary drugstores and several online pharmacies, you might be surprised how much they differ. While the original blue pill at a dosage of 100 mg – the most popular among men who use it as a recreational drug – costs 10 to 60 dollars offline, on the web it costs 3 to 10 dollars per piece. Generic equivalents of the medication are even cheaper, since their manufacturers use already existing, not patented formula. The main substance remains the same, so the medicine is as safe and effective as the brand name analogue. The only difference is Viagra price, which is really nice on the internet both for original and equivalent tablets.

Viagra price range comparison

Before making a purchase, also compare prices in various online drugstores. Normal 50 mg original Viagra price for a 12-tablet package on the web is around $50-60, and the same pack of 100 mg tablets commonly costs $70-80 in good internet pharmacies. In many online drugstores, you have an opportunity to buy large packages at a wholesale Viagra price. Moreover, the more you spend, the more bonuses you get. For example, sellers often ship big orders for free, or add complimentary samples of best selling drugs for men. If you have a coupon with a promo code, Viagra price online will be even lower. In addition, when shopping online, you save money and time on visiting doctors and getting a prescription, since most internet pharmacies sell medications without a medical recipe.

price viagra 100mg

Mind that Viagra price depends not only on where you purchase this magical means for erectile dysfunction. It also varies considerably for branded tablets and their equivalents based on the same active ingredient Sildenafil. The reason is bigger investments of the owners of the original patent. They have paid for development of the formula, studies, patent itself, advertisement, launch of production and sales, and so on. Manufacturers of generic drugs use the existing formula and save on already made studies and ads, so they can set fair Viagra price. Do not be afraid to take generics, since they are as safe and effective as the original version.

Really nice Viagra price in most internet drugstores is also due to the very principle of online trading. While offline pharmacies spend on storage and retail spaces, pay numerous employees, etc., internet stores use the only one or few warehouses, and have less staff. Due to this, they set affordable Viagra price for all.

Organic Viagra

Usually, an organic substitute for conventional medicines interest people who are either poorly educated or, on the contrary, too concerned about their health. You know, all these farmers markets, organic products, raw food diet and treatment exclusively with the help of “grandmother’s methods.” However, organic Viagra may really suit many of us. For example, if a person has practically no health problems, including intimate ones. If impotence shows up because of psychological problems, organic Viagra can do wonders.

Natural ways to improve erection without tablets

If you think you need organic Viagra, you may also learn some other ways to improve the quality and duration of erection without taking any drugs. Of course, anyone should better consult a doctor first. A physician must decide which specialist you have to see. Maybe, you should get sessions with a therapist, or go to an urologist as well.

To begin with, we list the symptoms or erectile dysfunction which might mark the necessarily of buying organic Viagra or regular pills, or even seeing a doctor:

  • Lack of sexual arousal in a normal situation, even with a beloved or a new partner.
  • The sudden disappearance of erection, often right during sex.
  • Inability to achieve a sufficiently firm erection.
  • Too fast completion of sexual intercourse or, conversely, too long sex without any pleasure.
  • The disappearance of a normal morning erection.
  • A marked decrease in sexual activity and desire.

In all these cases, it might be enough to buy and take any kind of organic Viagra. As an alternative, we can recommend natural triggers for arousal and erection, such as an absolutely healthy lifestyle, high protein foods, seafood, nuts and bananas.

Types of organic Viagra, its pros and cons

Let us note immediately that the so-called organic Viagra includes both natural substances, acting almost like regular tablets, and dangerous fakes. So, do not buy dietary supplements on dubious Asian websites in the hope of regaining normal sex for cheap. Thus, you not only do not get the desired result, but also can harm your health.

Viagra Organic

Anyway, the most common organic Viagra analogues usually include popular dietary supplements and herbal capsules with ginseng extract. You can try to buy such type of organic Viagra and see if it works for you. But, to be honest, nothing better than Viagra pills with Sildenafil in the composition has been invented yet. However, search for natural Viagra in online drugstores and read the reviews. Perhaps, this method of fighting erectile dysfunction will suit you.

Viagra properties

Impotence (scientists and doctors call it erectile dysfunction) sneaks up unnoticed. At the first sign of it, most men seek to buy and use Viagra or analogues as soon as possible, even if they know nothing about Viagra properties. According to the World Health Organization, more than 150 million of men face potency problems. So, think of learning more about the properties of Viagra and its equivalents. Today we will talk about how this highly effective drug helps improve the quality of erection and increase its duration.

What are Viagra properties and how exactly does it work?

Chemically, Viagra works due to the active substance Sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of cGMP-specific PDE5, an enzyme that affects erection. This enzyme suppresses blood flow in the vessels and cavernous bodies of the penis in men with erectile dysfunction. Thus, the blood flow increases, and the erection becomes firm solid and long-lasting.

Sildenafil relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis and blood vessels, and enhances blood flow to the penis. All this helps to keep it erected, but only in case of natural arousal. Mind that Viagra properties do not allow curing impotence and, moreover, eliminating its cause. This medication just removes the negative effects of erectile dysfunction.

properties viagra

The causes of temporary or permanent difficulties in sex include both psychological and physiological issues. Sometimes, a man has just to get rid of stress, depression, or an underlying chronic disease to restore normal sexual function. Nevertheless, Viagra properties allow you not to suffer in bed even if you prefer leave it as it is.

Scientists have discovered new, amazing Viagra properties

You may know that Sildenafil was originally developed to treat heart and vascular diseases. However, in the process of testing it turned out that the medicine surprisingly affects male potency, improving the quality of erection. Some doctors still prescribe Viagra to treat certain diseases of the cardiovascular system and to regulate blood pressure.

Not so long ago, scientists discovered new Viagra properties. In particular, they have found that this popular drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction can also contribute to weight loss. Perhaps, soon, Viagra tablets will treat obesity.

As scientists have learned, Sildenafil resists the breakdown of so-called brown fat, which helps the body activate the burning of excess calories and accelerates metabolism. All this does not allow white fat to spread in the body. The experiments have been carried out only on lab mice, but there is hope.

Another surprising potential property of Viagra is its anti-cancer effect. According to laboratory tests, a small daily dose of the medication reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer.

Viagra Oral Jelly

If you think no one needs to buy Viagra Oral Jelly instead of the good old Viagra in the form of regular tablets, then you can just close the page… Or maybe read the rest, and find an answer to this question. Perhaps, you will become a big fan of this very special product. Oral Viagra in the form of jelly is not just one of the analogues of well-known pills. It has quite a lot of advantages!

buy viagra oral jelly

However, before talking about the benefits of Viagra in the form of oral jelly, let us list the main properties of this medication. The medicine, like other equivalents of ordinary Viagra, consists mainly of Sildenafil citrate.

Viagra Oral Jelly properties

In other words, the same substance as in usual Viagra makes the whole effect of the drug. And this means that this medicine helps any man to enjoy sex whenever he wants. Of course, this concerns mostly those of us who have no severe diseases.

That is, Oral Jelly Viagra fits absolutely and relatively healthy men who want some variety in bed and more firmness (and, in turn, self-confidence). Also, it will definitely help those men who have temporary difficulties with sex due to stress or mild depression. In most cases, this medication helps patients with impotence, too. So, almost anyone can buy Viagra Oral Jelly and have better sex.

The main thing is to follow the instructions for use. Otherwise, Viagra Oral Jelly may not work, or will have an insufficient effect. In addition, do not forget that the drug acts only under the condition of natural arousal.

The main benefits of this form of a drug

It’s time to list the main benefits of Viagra Oral Jelly. To begin with, let us note an obvious plus. Not all of us can or like to swallow standard tablets. Moreover, doctors do not recommend to chew or to break normal Viagra tablets. For such people, special, advanced formulas such as Viagra Oral Jelly are more convenient. But that’s not all!

The fact is that such a jelly form allows accelerate the effect of the medicine. Unlike conventional tablets and other existing forms of Sildenafil-based drugs, Viagra in the form of oral jelly penetrates the body faster. And this means that the desired effect on the penis comes faster, too. If with standard medicines you have to wait half an hour or even up to an hour, then oral jelly drug begins to dissolve and affect the erection as soon as in 15-20 minutes!

In addition, these pills have a very pleasant taste. You won’t even imagine that you are taking the medicine. Furthermore, you can dissolve a jelly in your favorite drink. But it should be non-alcoholic, of course, and not a grapefruit or an orange juice. Both alcohol and citrus fruits badly affect the action of Viagra, and can provoke the appearance of side effects.

Cialis vs Viagra

Nowadays, the most effective, safe and therefore popular medicines for erectile dysfunction are only two. One consists of Tadalafil, another of Sildenafil. And you know both for sure. But which one could win in a battle Cialis vs Viagra? In fact, both have pros and cons. For example, Tadalafil yellow tablets, also known as weekend pills, make it possible to stay erected for really long time. Furthermore, doctors prescribe this drug at a minimum dosage to cure impotence on an ongoing basis.

At the same time, men who just want to have great time love Sildenafil blue tablets because of their super power. So, let us observe the main differences.
viagra vs cialis
Cialis vs Viagra: why choose the first one? If you have severe erectile dysfunction and need a permanent treatment, that is your perfect choice. Take one yellow tablet at a dosage of 2.5 mg to 5 mg daily, better at the same time, regardless of sex. The medication guarantees a firm and long-lasing erection any time of the day, as soon as you become naturally aroused. Usually, the effect follows in about two weeks.

If you have no serious problems in bed, Cialis might also fit you. The thing is it may affect erection for 24 hours or more. That is why people call it weekend pills. Just take a tablet on Friday, and enjoy unforgettable sex until you have to go back to work.

Cialis vs Viagra: why the second might be better? Well, the famous blue pills is the best studied and the most widely used drug for erectile dysfunction. That is why millions of men all over the world keep using it when they need erectional support or just to experience something new. Some patients mention that Sildenafil tablets seem to be more powerful, although they affect a boner for just about 4 to 6 hours in most cases. On the other side, who needs more exercises in bed?

One of the arguments for using Viagra for harder boner is the dosages available. Today, you can find thins medicine online at various doses and forms. The highest concentration, 100 mg of Sildenafil, is perfect for occasional use in men who have severe impotence, but do not need sex too often. In addition, this dosage is most used by healthy men who need a recreational drug to entertain.

Anyway, before making a choice Cialis vs Viagra, read the instructions for use and make sure you have no contraindications and will not suffer from specific side effects. Some men will feel better with the first one, others will prefer another.