If a man has erectile dysfunction, then it is treated. What types of therapy are known?

Doctors use conservative treatment.

In the first line, phosphodiesterase inhibitors of the 5th type are used. A distinctive feature of them is their good tolerance and noticeable effect in any type of erectile dysfunction.

PDE-5 is not applied constantly, but periodically. They should be taken immediately before sexual intercourse. The dose is selected individually.

If the patient does not want to use this type of medication, then the use of local negative pressure (shock wave therapy of the penis) is offered as an alternative.

Second-line drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are injections into the cavernous bodies of the penis. They act as vasodilators.

If conservative treatment does not solve the problem, then doctors proceed to surgical treatment.

For this purpose, a phalloprosthesis is performed using a hydraulic or semi-rigid implant. They allow you to provide a natural erection.

After the hydraulic penile prosthesis implants, patients typically remain fully satisfied with your sex life. And Viagra is no longer used.

Methods of erectile dysfunction therapy

If you have erectile dysfunction, check your heart and blood vessels

When a fifty-year-old man begins to fail in the sexual sphere, then we can talk about the beginning of the development of erectile dysfunction.

Doctors say that at this age, erectile dysfunction is a wake-up call for coronary heart disease. A man should pay more attention to this, since this is the risk of approaching a heart attack in the next couple of years.

Worst of all, those who are overweight, suffer from hypertension and diabetes. And if this” bouquet ” is also joined by harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol, then a heart attack is a matter of time.

Such anamnesis leads to damage to the inner layer of the arteries and blood vessels, which results in ischemia, heart attack, erectile dysfunction and similar pathologies.

It is not for nothing that experienced urologists and andrologists send all men under 50 years of age with erectile dysfunction to consult a cardiologist.

It is extremely important to identify serious cardiovascular diseases in time and cure them.

Therefore, if you have suspicions of erectile dysfunction and at the same time you snore, are overweight, suffer from high blood sugar and pressure surges, immediately visit a cardiologist, and do not immediately run to buy Viagra.