Viagra for COVID: Scientists claim to have found another use for the magic blue pill

The latest news have surprised even me: scientists think of the possibility to use the well-known Viagra blue pills as a treatment for COVID-19. On the other hand, right now, the scientific community knows little about a new disaster and how to deal with it, as well as about the possible treatment methods.

However, the very idea of using Viagra for COVID seems logical. This drug enhances the synthesis of nitric oxide by the cells of the body and dilates blood vessels. So, it allows better supply organs with oxygen. Thus, scientists hope that Viagra (Sildenafil) will expand the small vessels in the lungs and improve the vital indicators of patients with COVID-19. First of all, it concerns breathing easier.

Not the first time that Viagra has proven to be a multidisciplinary drug

Surely many heard that Viagra was originally created not for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but for completely different purposes. Pharmacologists hoped to find a new cure for patients with heart and vascular diseases. But then, during the first tests, the drug showed an amazing effect on male sexual function. So, as everyone knows, doctors almost abandoned the use of Sildenafil (Viagra) as a heart and blood pressure remedy, and offered a new product to men with impotence. And it still works great. For more than two decades, men all over the world have found this medicine both effective and safe.

Viagra for COVID

How can doctors use Viagra for COVID

Thus, a new proposal can make Sildenafil an even more multifunctional remedy. Of course, Viagra for COVID cannot work just like a remedy against a new pathogen. First of all, the very idea of using the drug involves helping to combat the bad effects of the disease. We all know that the virus primarily affects the lungs, but can also have a negative effect on other organs, including the heart. The ability of nitric oxide to relax blood vessels might help relieve symptoms and recover more quickly. Moreover, Viagra might be tested on medical personnel working with COVID-19 patients as a means of prevention. Scientists think that Sildenafil could even help avoid mechanical ventilation.

More details of the theory about the use of Viagra for COVID

Now experts want to test the effect of this drug to combat the consequences of COVID-19 in people who already have breathing problems, but who do not yet need mechanical ventilation. Scientists believe that Viagra will help expand the vessels that transport oxygen throughout the body. Also, they hope that patients will be able to overcome the respiratory complications due to the new virus.

Generic Viagra pros and cons compared to the original

Before talking about Generic Viagra pros and cons compared to the so-called original version, I would like to remind you of equivalent drugs and their properties. In short, the manufacturers of such medicines create them “in the image and likeness” of their brand-name analogues. Or, even simpler, more expensive patented medicines are absolutely identical to the “copies” with the same active substance not protected by a patent.

generic viagra

The main advantages of generic Viagra making it so popular

Let us start our Generic Viagra pros and cons guide with the pros. Any person who wishes to make his sex life better or to treat erectile dysfunction starts navigating the pharmaceutical market sooner or later. Then, most men start thinking about the difference between all the excising ways to improve potency.

So, here are the main advantages of generic Viagra:

  • Of course, most patients really love cost of equivalent medications. Just try to compare the prices on brand-name Viagra and its generic analogues to make sure that equivalents make you save a lot.
  • Among Generic Viagra pros and cons I would name another absolute benefit. That is, you can purchase an analogue much easier than an original drug. You do not even have to see a doctor and pass exams to get diagnosed and obtain a prescription. Most often, you can easily buy generic Viagra online without a medical advice. Sometimes, you can even find such a medicine at a local drugstore. Still, online purchases help spend less.
  • Another important point concerns those who do not want to support global companies and obey their advertising. They could absolutely do without us.
  • Finally, mind that generic Viagra is as effective as the more expensive “original” equivalent. Both contain the same active substance in the same doses.

Certain disadvantages of generic Viagra

Of course, Generic Viagra pros and cons consist not only of pros. I have listed the main advantages of generic version of the famous blue pills. But let me mind the possible disadvantages, too. For example, theoretically, the amount of the active substance Sildenafil in the equivalent may not be sufficient for an equally strong effect. It mainly depends on the manufacturer and quality control. Also, additional components present in any medicine can cause an allergic reaction in some patients.

In addition, keep in mind that, according to international standards, many generic parameters can differ significantly from the characteristics of the original medicines. Particularly, the speed of action of equivalent drug can be about 10% lower. Also, the amount of additional ingredients can reach one third of the volume of the pill. Anyway, this does not mean that generic medications could harm. No matter which medicine you choose, a brand-name one or its analog, follow the instructions, and you will be totally satisfied.