Sexologist-psychologist comments erection difficulties

Not long ago, I met a colleague, doctor in sexology and a practicing psychologist, and we had a conversation about typical erection difficulties in men. Some expert comments surprised even me. So, I want to share with you the most interesting comments of a specialist about typical intimate problems and atypical ways to solve them.

Is it true that, in most cases, psychological reasons cause impotence?

Roughly speaking, yes. Especially if we sum up such causes of erectile dysfunction as stress or depression, psychological attitudes, problems in relationships… In fact, a person not psychologically mature enough who does not know how to build healthy relationships, has erection difficulties more often than you can imagine.

erection difficulties

For many, difficulties in sex arise from the very first attempts to have sex. Why? Unfortunately, inadequate reaction of both partners to “so-so” sex can lead to further erection difficulties. Low self-esteem and increased anxiety only exacerbate the problem.

How common are erection difficulties, according to your practice?

Most often, men come to me precisely with this problem! Women usually seek to understand themselves, work out childhood trauma, and move on. At the same time, almost any psychological problem in men is associated with sexual function. Moreover, analyzing the requests and reviews of my patients, I can come to an amazing conclusion:

On average, every two of ten sexual acts fail…

Although this is normal, men perceive any single failure as a terrible fiasco. I explain to everyone that an erection depends on many factors, and no one can be constantly ready for sex. On my opinion, such false beliefs appear because we are all kind of raised by porn films. There, thanks to Viagra and editing, everyone looks like a sex giant.

Can a man understand when it’s time to worry about impotence?

Yes! If a man regularly or at least occasionally has a morning erection, then everything is definitely fine. The perfect indicator of normal erectile function is having this ‘morning boner” once or twice a week.

Moreover, many men cannot believe that the normal frequency of sex in a stable couple is the same – once or twice a week. The vast majority have some completely unrealistic ideas about sex in general and erections particular. If you prefer having sex three times a year, and this doesn’t bother your partner, congratulations!

The terrible consequences of taking regular Viagra

Almost every man wants to be (or at least to seem to be) a great lover. But attempts to do this at all costs may not lead to the consequences that we expect. Unfortunately, despite its high efficacy and proven safety, even regular Viagra can only ruin everything. So, let us talk about the undesirable effects of its use. However, I should first note that all of them happen because of improper intake of the blue pills.

Does usual Viagra really cause priapism?

Manufacturers always honestly warn of the possibility of this dangerous condition on the packaging. But, in fact, there is no particular risk. This potentially harmful side effect occurred in a negligible percentage of patients both during clinical trials and in medical practice.

However, if you notice any symptoms of priapism, contact your doctor or seek for emergency immediately. Most often, the signs include painful erection that lasts more than four hours. It persists without any sexual stimulation, even after ejaculation. Due to the potential danger of penile damage and even gangrene, better try to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

A curious fact: priapism disease was named after the mythical ancient Greek god of fertility Priapus, who had a constant erection.

After a sexual intercourse with the support of the blue pills, the penis will return to its normal state. Do not be vainly afraid that an erection will last for hours and interfere with life due to the intake of Viagra. In fact, cancer, blood diseases, spinal cord injuries, or taking drugs become the cause of priapism much more often.

In which cases can ordinary Viagra really be dangerous?

First of all, I would name the simple fact that these pills will help with erection and sex, but will not eliminate the underlying causes of impotence. Meanwhile, many men could improve their situation by curing the root cause of problems in bed.

A popular opinion that the medication can reduce fertility in men is not proven.

The second potential danger is side effects. They can be quite severe and unexpected, even if you know about them in advance. Each organism tolerates treatment individually. So, you have no guarantee at all. Let me remind you that the side effects of Viagra (Sildenafil) include problems with heart rhythm and vision, as well as a number of other unpleasant conditions.

regular viagra

Finally, if you neglect the requirement not to take these pills in case of contraindications, you can really risk your life. Some diseases are NOT compatible with this drug.