Viagra vs Cialis

Nearly any man who has ever faced difficulties with erection knows the most effective ways to solve the problem, that is, medications. The best are few, and the most popular among them are Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil). In fact, all the medicines for erectile dysfunction act the same way, increasing the flow of blood in the genital area as a result of certain processes in the brain and in the body. A man has to be naturally aroused, anyway. But what is the difference when we are talking about Viagra vs Cialis? Well, they differ a lot! Actually, those men who need just a recreational drug for better sex could use both medications. Still, let us learn more.

Viagra vs. Cialis: which one to choose? First of all, mind that these medicines contain different active substances. So, possible side effects and the list of contraindications differ. When making a choice, especially if you have serious chronic diseases, be careful. Particularly, Sildenafil might cause nasal problems, while Tadalafil sometimes provokes muscle or back pain.

viagra vs cialis

Comparing Sildenafil and Tadalafil (Viagra and Cialis)

When comparing Viagra vs Cialis, also mind their duration of action. Sildenafil makes it possible to enjoy sex for 4-6 hours on average. Tadalafil acts much longer, up to 36 hours. Moreover, you can use it as a permanent treatment for erectile dysfunction on a daily basis. The dosages also vary.

Urologists and other specialists insist that there’s no need to confront Viagra vs Cialis, because these medications are equally effective and safe. To choose the right one, test both on your own. For example, you may find complimentary or cheap samples of the blue and yellow pills at one of the certified online drugstores. Dosage also rules, so experiment with various doses.

Mind that the principle of action of Sildenafil and Tadalafil is actually identical. Moreover, both drugs start to act approximately at the same time, about 30 minutes – an hour after you take a pill. Probably, the main difference is you can take Cialis at a minimum dosage daily. Many doctors recommend is as a long-term and permanent treatment.

Another important point in the battle of Viagra vs Cialis is the requirements for their use. Particularly, the first medicine is more effective if you take it on an empty stomach. Also, for better results, do not take Sildenafil along with heavy meals, alcohol and grapefruit. Ignoring instructions for use, you risk your health and decrease the effectiveness of the drug.

Cheap Viagra

If you think that only older men with a diagnosis of impotence can take male potency improving medications, you are mistaken. Particularly, millions of absolutely healthy men all over the world use Viagra as a recreational drug. In addition, most men try it at the earliest signs of erectile dysfunction. When choosing the right type of the medicine, most patients consider various aspects. Of course, such a drug should be effective and safe, but also inexpensive. Fortunately, now you can easily find cheap Viagra online and save money.

How to find cheap Viagra

The most obvious way to get cheap Viagra is to shop it online. Due to economical reasons, medicines cost much less in certified internet pharmacies. In addition, on the web you can purchase the magical blue pills without a doctor’s prescription. Thus, you additionally save on visiting clinics and passing medical tests to be diagnosed with impotence. No one will ever give you a prescription for recreational use of Sildenafil containing medications. Moreover, when buying cheap Viagra online, you can also watch for certain bonuses. For example, some drugstores on the web give an opportunity of free shipping, or offer free samples of the best pills for improving erection in men.

cheap viagra online

Other opportunities to purchase cheap Viagra on the web include searching for coupons with promo code for additional discount and waiting for seasonal sales. Also, consider comparing prices in various online pharmacies, and buying generic equivalents of the medicine instead of the brand name version. Another tip is to buy larger packages, since the more pills in a pack, the less you pay for each tablet. Many online drugstores set nearly wholesale prices for this effective and safe medication. Before making a purchase, also compare terms and conditions of different shops, especially those regarding delivery and payments. Make sure you will stay anonymous, because it is one of the main advantages of online shopping.

Tips on choosing a vendor

Doubts of men searching for cheap Viagra on the web include thoughts about its safety and effectiveness. No need to be afraid of cheaper tablets comparing them with more expensive blue pills from a local drugstore. Absolutely, if you buy the drug in an unreliable market in Asia, it could harm. Normal online drugstores guarantee a quality product, no matter how much it costs. Do not forget that generic Sildenafil medicines always cost much less than the original patented pills. In other words, efficacy and safety of the medicine do not depend on its price, if you buy it in the right place. Just pick up proper form and dosage of the drug, and strictly follow the instructions for use.