My experience of using viagra: just a clarification: I did not take the original viagra, but its generic with the same name as the active substance – “Sildenafil”.

First: the drug itself does not raise anything (in the sense of viagra does not create an erection). Its action is different – it does not allow you to fall (supports an erection). And one more thing-without sexual actions, he will not show himself in any way. That is, you can swallow viagra, and go to sweep the streets or play playstation – an erection will not arise just like that. But it is worth hugging your beloved, stroking her ass – and immediately get the proper effect. This effect holds perfectly, even if “tired after work”. Adds stamina.

It was interesting to find out – will there be a permanent erection for two hours after the reception? No, when the goal of sex is achieved, everything calms down. However, if you want to repeat the process soon, you do not need to swallow the second tablet – the first and second time will work. By the way, the pill should be taken an hour before the process.

About the side effects. It is written about increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and shifted color perception. I didn’t notice anything like that, although I sometimes suffer from high blood pressure.

And about the regularity. In my 40+ years, if you sleep with your wife a couple of times a month, it’s not bad. So here about excessive dosage and fear of side effects is not worth it. Those who are going to eat it every day by handfuls-not viagra, but a psychologist is needed. Here is a mode of reception and really inspires concern.

experience of using viagra

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