Today I want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions about Viagra. People often ask me whether Viagra addiction exists or not. You might think that the very formulation of the question seems stupid. And yep, numerous clinical trials and decades of using this effective drug should have proven its total safety.

If Viagra addiction was real, people would talk about it. Moreover, everyone would be afraid of such a dependence, and therefore stop buying the medicine. We all know that in reality everything goes in a completely different way.

On the other hand, medical records and complaints from some patients seem to confirm the opposite. Some men really mention that they have developed Viagra addiction. Like, without these magic pills, I can do absolutely nothing in bed. So, let me tell you the truth.

Why science denies the possibility of Viagra dependence

First, there is literally no scientific evidence for its existence. No scientific publication or study proves the possibility of addiction to medications for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, generally, drug dependence occurs only if the substance affects the brain. Then, this leads to physiological addiction, too.

Viagra addiction

Unlike, for example, antidepressants, such drugs as Viagra do not directly affect the brain. They are aimed at increasing blood circulation in the genitals, thus causing a normal erection. In addition, they leave the body rather quickly. So, these medicines also cannot lead to dependence due to their accumulation in the human body.

Where do the legends about Viagra addiction come from?

First of all, it happens due to feedback from some patients. They may really feel being unable to have sex in the so-called usual way after taking the magic blue pill for the first time. However, the problem lies entirely in the head.

If a person has not suffered from impotence, then, even after taking the medicine, he will be able to enjoy sex naturally. Conversely, a patient who has already been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, will (most likely) not be able to make love without chemical support. In other words, if you really think you got addicted to Viagra, see a therapist.