Sexual dysfunction: The concept of “violation of sexual function” traditionally includes a whole range of problems: these are violations of sexual desire, sexual arousal and orgasm, as well as pain during sexual intercourse caused by both medical and psychological problems of a person. Usually, even one of these problems leads to the inability or unwillingness to lead a sexual life, which seriously affects the social role of a person. And believe me, no viagra will help here.

Lack of sexual activity is a serious problem in people’s relationships. According to studies conducted in America in the 70s, 35% of women and 15% of men under the age of 50 say that they do not want to have sex with their spouse, and among young (under 30) unmarried people, 8% complain about the lack of sexual life in the presence of a partner.

Sexual dysfunction: Reasons

Doctors identify many reasons for the lack of sexual activity in couples. Traditionally, they are divided into psychological and organic.

Psychological factors include factors that are tied to a person’s perception of the surrounding reality. Among the most common are::

  • self-doubt;
  • fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease;
  • overwork;
  • constant voltage;
  • insomnia.

But in addition to this, the cause can be child psychological trauma, temperament properties, difficulties in relationships with people, and much more.

Organic factors are associated with innate or acquired features due to diseases. They are associated with the physical inability to perform sexual intercourse. These can be:

It is worth noting that organic and psychological factors cannot be completely separated from each other. In about 5% of cases, they are closely interrelated.


Due to the lack of sexual life in a couple, there are usually serious problems in the relationship. Usually they are accompanied by depression, irritation, isolation. A man who is faced with impotence may not go to the doctor for a long time because of embarrassment, instead poisoning his body with numerous folk remedies and pills, which can then adversely affect his health as a whole.

sexual dysfunction

The main sign of the weakening of potency is a decrease in interest in sex, thoughts and fantasies on this topic disappear. The morning erection characteristic of a man’s body disappears or becomes irregular, and it also does not occur during sexual caresses. An erection can also disappear right during sexual intercourse. Sometimes a man may not attach importance to these “bells”, as this does not happen simultaneously.

Due to the huge number of reasons that can lead to violations of sexual function, the diagnosis can only be prescribed by the attending physician after the examination and collection of anamnesis. A few simple rules will help to prevent violations of sexual function.