Most men, at the first signs of impotence, choose taking medications based on Sildenafil. However, is Sildenafil better than other erectile dysfunction drugs? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Benefits of Sildenafil compared to other alike medicines

First of all, speaking about why is Sildenafil better than other similar medicines, I would like to mention its long-term use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Scientists invented other erectile dysfunction drugs much later (and still continue working on them), while Sildenafil has been helping men for decades. During this time, millions were able to make sure of the highest efficiency and amazing safety of this product.

In addition, Sildenafil seems much better than other medications in terms of speed and duration of action. First of all, these pills affect the erection quickly enough. You just have to take a pill, and then start petting right away, so that you can have excellent sex literally in half an hour or even earlier.

Sildenafil better than

Also note the duration of action of Sildenafil. Most men can have great erections and have sex continuously or several times within hours after taking the pill. In fact, most of us do not need longer erections.

Moreover, the medication works only at the moment when you get aroused and really want sex. In other words, erection won’t disturb you if do not need sex anymore.

Disadvantages of Sildenafil compared to some other means

Honestly, is Sildenafil always better than other medicines for impotence? No! For some men, other similar drugs might work better. First of all, I mean patients with severe erectile dysfunction. Such men need constant therapy with a long-term positive effect, and therefore prefer to take Cialis tablets.

I would like to note another advantage of Cialis. In other words, just one high-dose yellow pill can act for two days or even longer. That is why men who have sex rarely, but for a long time (for example, for the whole weekend), prefer this substance.

As for the long-term treatment of impotence with Cialis, it has certain disadvantages. In particular, you will have to take the pills every day, if possible at the same time. That is, you must constantly remember about the medicine, always carry it with you and do not forget to take it. Not everyone likes such an approach, so many men answer the question is Sildenafil better than other drugs, including Cilais, in an obvious way.