Most men know that Sildenafil is responsible for the magic of the blue Viagra pills, which are still the most effective means of treating impotence and diversifying sexual life. More than two decades ago, scientists have created this medication with a completely different purpose. They wanted to cope with certain heart and blood vessels diseases. Instead of helping to avoid complications in heart and blood pressure patients, Sildenafil affected the flow of blood in genitals. During the very first preclinical and clinical studies, male volunteers were surprised with their hard-ons and ability to stay really long in bed.

How Sildenafil works

Let us observe the principle of action of Sildenafil, Viagra and other similar or alike drugs. Sildenafil suppresses the action of phosphodiesterase 5, or PDE5 enzyme, which contributes to penile blood flow regulation. Blocking the ferment, the substance helps almost any man achieve an erection and keep it long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse. The effect of Sildenafil on a male body lasts until it’s totally removed, that is around four to six hours. Numerous studies and millions of men have proved that.

Sildenafil can affect not only PDE5, but also a number of other enzymes. For example, it inhibits PDE6 which is responsible for color vision. So, some patients might notice a slight temporary color-blindness when taking Viagra pills. Fortunately, such side effects pass quickly and cannot really harm you.

The proper dosage

To get the maximum of Sildenafil, take a pill at a dosage of 100 mg (that is the maximum amount allowed at a time or per day) on an empty stomach. Swallow it about half an hour before sex. This substance may have much less effect on erection if you take it right after heavy and fatty dinner, so plan your romantic evening properly.

Any person can buy Sildenafil online or offline. The second way means you should first meet your physician and pass some medical tests and exams in order to get a prescription for a local offline pharmacy. It takes a lot of money and time. Buying medicines on the web is much cheaper and easier. Most internet pharmacy websites offer an opportunity to buy Sildenafil even without a prescription. Furthermore, on the internet you can find a wider range of Sildenafil containing medicines. Some of them cope not only with poor erection quality, but also with premature ejaculation.