Viagra dosage

The choice of a proper individual Viagra dosage will guarantee you successful treatment of erectile dysfunction. Even if you intend to use the blue pills for fun, the dose of Viagra will affect its action. For most men taking Sildenafil as a recreational drug, the smallest 25 mg Viagra dose will be quite enough. Still, many prefer to buy 100 mg tablets which provide the most powerful sensations during sex and orgasm. However, older men should not start the course of treatment with 50-100 mg pills because of potential risk of severe side effects and consequences. Later, if the body tolerates the minimum Viagra dosage well, you may increase the dose. The same advice may concern patients with certain chronic diseases. Particularly, in concerns men who suffer from serious liver, kidney and heart diseases. They should take Sildenafil-based drugs carefully, or not take them at all.

How to choose proper dose

Although you might think that individual Viagra dosage is easy to choose, that is true only for totally healthy young men. On the other hand, according to doctors, the majority can start with 50 mg Sildenafil pills. You are healthy, have no serious chronic diseases, and do not take other medications? Then, feel free to use Viagra at a dosage of 50-100 mg. Depending on side effects and on the effect of the drug itself, you may reduce or increase Viagra dosage. However, never take more than 100 mg per day. The most common Viagra dosages are 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. But certain Sildenafil based medicines are available in other doses, too.

When choosing the most suitable Viagra dosage, consider all the points. For example, mind that certain medicines include additional ingredients, so a tablet may weigh more. Particularly, Extra Super Viagra 200 mg includes 100 mg of Sildenafil and 100 mg of Dapoxetine which effectively copes with premature ejaculation.

Another important thing is to consider other medications and even supplements you are taking. For example, your personal Viagra dosage should not exceed 25 mg per two days if you have to take Norvir (Ritonavir), one of the CYP3A4 isoenzyme inhibitors or any alpha-blockers. A choice of Viagra dosage is extremely important for patients with contraindications and chronic diseases, such as cirrhosis or any other severe liver or kidney condition. Unfortunately, some of these illnesses make it impossible to take Sildenafil because of great risks.

How long does Viagra last

People wonder how long does Viagra last, so we will try to answer. Its duration of action depends on various factors. For example, how long does Viagra last varies depending on the severity of impotence, its origin, patient’s state of health and age. Also, duration of action of Sildenafil based medications depends on whether you really follow the instructions written on a prescription label.

How long does Viagra last depends on…

Actually, the speed and duration of action of the medicine listed are average. In fact, every single patient tolerates Viagra individually. Therefore, how long it lasts depends on it, first of all. For example, the older a man, the weaker might be the effect. The same thing could happen to patients suffering from certain chronic diseases, impotence of a psychological origin, or severe erectile dysfunction. Patients with impotence caused by mechanical damage to the penis should not take Viagra! Still, almost anyone can pick up the proper Sildenafil dosage to get rid of sexual problems.

Mind that you should be naturally aroused, because Sildenafil is not an aphrodisiac. Under the condition of sexual stimulation a man is able to achieve a hard erection and keep it for hours. Also, how long does Viagra last depends a lot on what you drink and eat, as well as on other medicines and supplements you take. Particularly, heavy and fatty meals may reduce the duration of action and effectiveness of Viagra and its equivalents. How long does Viagra last also depends on a dose. Obviously, the more Sildenafil, the greater effect on the body.

Use it wisely!

Once more, first of all, how long does Viagra last depends on whether you follow the recommendations for the use of the medicine. Thus, you will get the maximum effect and won’t risk. Otherwise, a man could suffer from side effects and consequences. Particularly, do not exceed the 100 mg Sildenafil dose at a time or per day, which is the maximum recommended. Also, doctors advise to take Viagra on an empty stomach and with plenty of still water. Too fatty or just heavy food might reduce the absorption of the drug, thus reducing its effect.

Mind that it is strictly forbidden to take Viagra along with alcohol, grapefruit, and grapefruit juice. Too much alcohol, as well as grapefruit might lead to dangerous health conditions, unpleasant side effects, and zero effect of the drug on erection. How long will Viagra last may also vary depending on how aroused you are. Normally, its effect lasts for 4 to 6 six hours.

What does Viagra do

As you know, this medication is the best treatment for impotence and the best recreational drug for sex lovers. But what does Viagra do with the male body to make erection happen? Its active substance Sildenafil affects blood flow in the genital area, thus causing a strong and long lasting hard-on. The effect is based on the ability of the medicine to block “bad” enzyme PDE5 which prevents some people from having normal erections. Due to significant increase in blood flow in the genital area and the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis, absolutely any man can easily make sex for hours. The presence of natural sexual stimulation and arousal is obligatory.

How Viagra blocks “bad” enzyme

Seems like everyone knows how this medicine works because of news and articles, movies and TV shows. People are talking about this medicine as of a magical remedy for erectile dysfunction of any origin. Almost all the movie heroes keep a pack of Viagra next to the bed. When it comes to romance, they just pick a tablet, take it, and turn into sex giants till the morning comes. Obviously, porn actors use Viagra all the time, too.

What does Viagra do to be so effective both for the treatment and for recreational purposes? Its action is based on Sildenafil. This substance blocks the enzyme PDE5, relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis, and increases the flow of blood in male genitals. This helps normally aroused person easily achieve an erection and keep it long enough to enjoy sex. When intercourse is over, erection naturally disappears until you want more sex. In addition, Viagra brings more intense sensations during sex, and makes orgasms unforgettable. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac. Therefore, the pills do not act on their own, but only in presence of natural sexual stimulation.

Pills for self-confidence

Viagra also contributes to self-confidence. Since erection problems are quite often of a psychological origin, such as stress, depression or long-term relationship boredom, many men rely on Sildenafil. When they feel sexier due to what Viagra does, they can finally relax and enjoy sex. So, getting erected and staying long becomes easier and easier. Unfortunately, Viagra itself cannot treat panic attacks or depression, so in such cases it is better to consult a therapist along with taking the blue Sildenafil pills or their cheaper analogues. You can take certain antidepressants along with Viagra.

In case of erectile dysfunction of a physiological origin, the principle of action of the medication remains the same. According to studies, Viagra works great regardless of the origin and severity of intimate problems, as well as regardless the age of a patient.

How does Viagra work

Most people can imagine how does Viagra work, since it is widely known for more than twenty years. In addition, men learn more on how does Viagra work because impotence is spreading, so even younger patients complain of erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, anyone can get rid of these difficulties with the help of this wonderful medication.

First, let us understand how does Viagra work in most simple words. A man takes one pills at a dose of 25 mg to 100 mg about thirty minutes before making love. Then, but only in case of natural arousal sue to sexual stimulation, a hard and prolonged erection appears. Mind that Viagra works best if you take it on an empty stomach, without alcohol or grapefruit juice, and do not break it or chew. In fact, better first read the instructions, and follow them strictly.

Too heavy or fatty meals, grapefruit in any form, and alcoholic beverages could negatively affect the action of Viagra and cause unpleasant side effects. In case you have done everything right, as soon as in twenty minutes you will have a strongest boner ever. Erection could last for four hours, and will disappear after you have an orgasm. Still, if you wish, you can make love several times.

How does Viagra work scientifically

Viagra works in such a way due to its main active ingredient Sildenafil, which is a selective PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. It blocks the negative effect of PDE-5 on the cavernous tissue of the penis, relaxes smooth muscles, and increases blood flow in the genital area. Furthermore, Viagra enhances pleasant sensations during sex, so many men use the pills as a recreational drug.

In other words, a scientific answer to the question, how does Viagra work, lies in the properties of its active substance. Sildenafil, as an inhibitor of the enzyme called cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), triggers several processes in the male body at once. While PDE5 suppresses erection, Viagra blocks its bad action. Due to this, any man can quickly and without effort get an erection, and a hard-on will last really long. Usually, the blue pill lasts for four to six hours, but some patients feel the effect much longer. How does Viagra work also depends on genetic factors. Sildenafil is effective in 50% of carriers of the GNB3 825C-allele and in more than 90% of the TT genotype carriers.

How does Viagra work in people who have severe impotence? It could still help if you follow the recommendations, take the drug properly, and pick up the right dosage. On average, MD recommend to start with 50 mg Viagra pills. If you notice side effects, you might decrease the dose. On the opposite, if it does not seem enough, you can increase the dose. Mind that, according to studies, most men have to take Viagra 6-8 times to notice positive changes.

What is Viagra

What is Viagra? An answer could sound a bit silly, but it is absolutely true: the magic blue pill makes any man act like a porn star. This medication helps get erected quickly and easily, and the boner lasts for hours, if you wish. Moreover, according to science, this drug can completely cure male impotence of almost any origin. All these is possible due to the properties of the active substance, Sildenafil.

What is Viagra

As claimed by scientific and clinical studies, Viagra is the best means to treat erectile dysfunction. Initially, Sildenafil was intended to help people with heart and blood pressure diseases. But, during the first clinical studies male participants have noticed that the drug causes hard and long lasting erection. Legends say some were even trying to steal the pills. Since then, for more than twenty years, diamond-shaped blue Viagra tablets are the most widely used medicine for the treatment of impotence in men. Also, millions of healthy men take these pills as a recreational drug for more exciting sex.

According to medical studies, more than 80% of patients note extraordinary improvement in erection quality and duration within twelve weeks of treatment with Viagra tablets. What is great, placebo has almost no effect at all. That means Sildenafil is one of the few drugs which really work. After all, everybody knows, what is Viagra due to books and movies.

Most common causes of erectile dysfunction

Difficulty achieving or retaining an erection might be caused by various reasons. Most commonly, nowadays men suffer from erectile dysfunction because of  stress, unhealthy diet, poor ecology, etc. No matter what is the origin of impotence, Viagra will easily cure it.

All you have to do is buy Viagra, and take a pill at a dosage you prefer about 20-30 minutes before sex. Swallow the tablet whole, with plenty of water, better on an empty stomach. After any kind of natural sexual stimulation, for example petting, you will get a firm boner which could last up to four hours or even more. Erection disappears as soon as you come. The most effective Viagra dosage is 100 mg, but some prefer taking smaller amounts of Sildenafil.

Viagra (Sildenafil) effectiveness depends on various factors, including patient’s age, state of health, severity and origin of impotence. However, even men who are older than 65, solve their problems in 70% of cases. According to specialists and studies, the effect is noticeable after a man takes Viagra 6-8 times.


Have you ever thought of how pornstars manage to always have such an erection, keep it for hours, and never poop of bonking? Here is the main unrevealed of the porn industry! That is Viagra. The drug makes it easy to obtain a great boner almost immediately, even if you are not that high with your partner (which is especially important in long-term relationship and marriage). Due to the effect of Sildenafil, that is, the active substance of Viagra, your potency will go on.

By taking one single blue pill and getting aroused at least a bit, you achieve a hard erection and can make love as long as you wish. What is especially important and comfortable, this particular drug cannot cause an uncontrolled hard-on. Sildenafil blocks the action of PDE5 enzyme, thus relaxing the smooth muscles of the phallus and increasing the flow of blood in the genital area. So, Viagra causes erection easily and quickly. When you end up, a boner disappears until you want to make it one more time, or several times.

Viagra properties

What are pharmacological properties of Sildenafil which is responsible for the magic of the blue pills? It affects the enzyme which prevents normal erection in some patients, both men and women. Therefore, in presence of natural sexual stimulation, any man can last in bed for hours. For the majority of male patients, regardless of their age, the best option is to swallow one pill at a proper dosage (most prefer 100 mg Sildenafiltablets) about half an hour before making love.

By the way, mind that sex is not just a great source of pure pleasure. It also boosts your body functioning, and even improves your mind and fights stress and depression! In addition, Viagra helps people maintain relationship. Moreover, not long ago new female version of Viagra has been invented. Although most women have sexual problems of psychological origin, these pink pills help them enjoy sexual intercourse, too.

For more than twenty years, millions of men keep easily solving their difficulties with erection due to Viagra. Moreover, Sildenafil cures long-term impotence, even in elderly. Male Viagra makes it easier achieve hard and long lasting erection. Female medication helps women get excited and increases lubrication. Girls are even luckier, because the drug expands the chances of having multiple orgasms! Both meds boost pleasant sensations during sexual intercourse and orgasm. And the most charming thing is that any of us can buy cheap Viagra online even without a prescription.