Today, I would like to share my personal experience of a battle with impotence. I know that many doctors prefer not to talk about their own health problems. However, we suffer from the same diseases as everyone else. Therefore, I have decided to speak of my experience of treating erectile dysfunction with the visitors of this website.

How does a doctor’s battle with impotence differ from others’?

Theoretically, in my case, everything should be simpler. In particular, I know how to eat properly, I maintain a healthy lifestyle, I undergo medical exams regularly, and so on. Still, even a doctor’s lifestyle may not be perfect. Furthermore, no one is immune from harmful external influences or genetic pathologies. Anyway, I also suffer from mild erectile dysfunction.

My battle with impotence

Personally, my impotence might be caused by bad habits and psychological problems. I constantly undergo preventive examinations with colleagues and pass all kinds of tests, so I know that everything else goes fine. However, regular problems in bed make my life worse.

What I do to improve my sex life?

Of course, there are pros and cons in my battle with impotence. On the one hand, I have the necessary knowledge and the ability to ask colleagues to help me anytime. At the same time, I can’t give up bad habits and deal with stress. Because of the stress and depression, especially this year, the problems have gotten worse. Due to the same stress in a pandemic I do not stop smoking, even after seeing severe patients.

However, my situation is much better than for most men. And here are my so-called secrets:

  • I understand the gravity of my situation, so I try to smoke and drink less to enjoy sex.
  • Also, I’m looking for every opportunity to calm down. For example, this year I started doing yoga.
  • I regularly undergo health checks on the most important organs for men: heart, prostate, blood vessels.
  • When I notice that things get really bad (that is, I have not been able to have full sex more than three times in a row), I take the pills at the dosage suitable for me.

As you can imagine, any man can do the same. Good luck!