What happens if a woman, teenager or child takes Viagra?

We talk a lot about the proper and safe use of the magic blue pills in men – both healthy and not. However, today I would like to answer another interesting question: what will happen if a woman, teenager or child takes Viagra? Should you hide your sex improving tablets from your partners and children? Let us start!

The effects of Viagra in female patients

Before talking on what might happen if a child takes Viagra, let us focus on women. Have you ever seen Sex and the City? I’m talking about the episode in which Samantha became addicted to Viagra…

In fact, women can actually take their partners’ regular pills – it won’t do any harm! Moreover, now you can even purchase a special Viagra for women. It acts by increasing the flow of blood to the genitals (just as in men). In other words, if a woman takes this medicine, her sensitivity and arousal will increase. However, these pills will not help with an absent libido.

Anyway, nothing terrible will happen if a woman takes your blue magic pill. At the same time, do not forget about Viagra side effects, which could hit anyone, regardless of gender.

What might happen if a child takes Viagra?

We have already figured out how this drug affects women. Now, let’s try to understand what happens if a teenager or a child takes Viagra. Theoretically, your kid may swallow a pill accidentally, or try it intentionally.

teenager or child takes Viagra

First of all, I want to emphasize that this particular medication has certain contraindications, including young age of a patient. Moreover, if a teenager faces erectile dysfunction, you should immediately bring him to a specialist. Most often, such problems arise due to psychological factors.

Once again, do not forget that contraindications for taking the drug include childhood. Therefore, if a child takes Viagra, better search for medical assistance as soon as possible.

At the same time, scientists have experimented on treating pulmonary hypertension in young patients with Viagra. Still, the practice has not become widespread. In fact, potential risks to the child’s body might outweigh the benefits of such therapy.

Sexual health COVID risks in men

Unfortunately, more and more people around the world get COVID. But right now I would like to talk not about the virus itself, but about its complications. In particular, let us learn more about sexual health COVID risks in men. So, we will focus on those consequences that can affect specifically men’s health and the ability to have sex as before. Of course, I will mention other potential risks, too.

sexual health COVID risks

Complications in those who have had COVID that can affect men’s health

Although the virus itself is a rather unpleasant and sometimes fatal illness, sexual health COVID risks for men make the situation even worse. Obviously, no one wants deprive the ordinary joys of life, including sex.

So, here’s what research has shown men can expect after recovery:

  • According to one recent discovery, some men risk becoming infertile. Of course, you can search for a proper cure. But better not get sick at all.
  • Several other studies have shown that men who have had COVID may have difficulty getting or keeping erections. Causes might include general weakness after illness and probable vascular problems. If this happens, better see a doctor and find the right means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

List of other common complications

In fact, other complications, although not included in the sexual health COVID risks in men, may be very dangerous (both for men and women).

The most common complications include:

  • pneumonia (very common)
  • acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • respiratory failure (common)
  • acute lower respiratory tract infection
  • pneumothorax
  • acute myocarditis (rare)
  • blood clotting disorder and other hematological disorders
  • acute renal failure (quite often, especially in patients predisposed to it)
  • violation of smell and taste (almost always)
  • sepsis

Fortunately, recent studies have shown that having the COVID does not increase your risk of stroke.

What to do to avoid complications and sexual health COVID risks?

Certainly, the easiest way is to trust the standard methods of prevention and try to avoid the disease itself. In particular, keep your distance, wash your hands as often as possible, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As soon as the opportunity arises, get vaccinated – this will prevent you from getting sick, or at least make the disease milder.

Does Viagra addiction really exist?

Today I want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions about Viagra. People often ask me whether Viagra addiction exists or not. You might think that the very formulation of the question seems stupid. And yep, numerous clinical trials and decades of using this effective drug should have proven its total safety.

If Viagra addiction was real, people would talk about it. Moreover, everyone would be afraid of such a dependence, and therefore stop buying the medicine. We all know that in reality everything goes in a completely different way.

On the other hand, medical records and complaints from some patients seem to confirm the opposite. Some men really mention that they have developed Viagra addiction. Like, without these magic pills, I can do absolutely nothing in bed. So, let me tell you the truth.

Why science denies the possibility of Viagra dependence

First, there is literally no scientific evidence for its existence. No scientific publication or study proves the possibility of addiction to medications for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, generally, drug dependence occurs only if the substance affects the brain. Then, this leads to physiological addiction, too.

Viagra addiction

Unlike, for example, antidepressants, such drugs as Viagra do not directly affect the brain. They are aimed at increasing blood circulation in the genitals, thus causing a normal erection. In addition, they leave the body rather quickly. So, these medicines also cannot lead to dependence due to their accumulation in the human body.

Where do the legends about Viagra addiction come from?

First of all, it happens due to feedback from some patients. They may really feel being unable to have sex in the so-called usual way after taking the magic blue pill for the first time. However, the problem lies entirely in the head.

If a person has not suffered from impotence, then, even after taking the medicine, he will be able to enjoy sex naturally. Conversely, a patient who has already been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, will (most likely) not be able to make love without chemical support. In other words, if you really think you got addicted to Viagra, see a therapist.

Sexologist-psychologist comments erection difficulties

Not long ago, I met a colleague, doctor in sexology and a practicing psychologist, and we had a conversation about typical erection difficulties in men. Some expert comments surprised even me. So, I want to share with you the most interesting comments of a specialist about typical intimate problems and atypical ways to solve them.

Is it true that, in most cases, psychological reasons cause impotence?

Roughly speaking, yes. Especially if we sum up such causes of erectile dysfunction as stress or depression, psychological attitudes, problems in relationships… In fact, a person not psychologically mature enough who does not know how to build healthy relationships, has erection difficulties more often than you can imagine.

erection difficulties

For many, difficulties in sex arise from the very first attempts to have sex. Why? Unfortunately, inadequate reaction of both partners to “so-so” sex can lead to further erection difficulties. Low self-esteem and increased anxiety only exacerbate the problem.

How common are erection difficulties, according to your practice?

Most often, men come to me precisely with this problem! Women usually seek to understand themselves, work out childhood trauma, and move on. At the same time, almost any psychological problem in men is associated with sexual function. Moreover, analyzing the requests and reviews of my patients, I can come to an amazing conclusion:

On average, every two of ten sexual acts fail…

Although this is normal, men perceive any single failure as a terrible fiasco. I explain to everyone that an erection depends on many factors, and no one can be constantly ready for sex. On my opinion, such false beliefs appear because we are all kind of raised by porn films. There, thanks to Viagra and editing, everyone looks like a sex giant.

Can a man understand when it’s time to worry about impotence?

Yes! If a man regularly or at least occasionally has a morning erection, then everything is definitely fine. The perfect indicator of normal erectile function is having this ‘morning boner” once or twice a week.

Moreover, many men cannot believe that the normal frequency of sex in a stable couple is the same – once or twice a week. The vast majority have some completely unrealistic ideas about sex in general and erections particular. If you prefer having sex three times a year, and this doesn’t bother your partner, congratulations!

Is there any connection between erectile dysfunction and infertility in men?

For some reason, many believe that the inability to conceive a child most often happens because of female infertility. This is not true. But today I want to talk about something else. Let us find out, if there is any connection between erectile dysfunction and infertility in men. In addition, I propose to learn what to do if conception is impossible precisely because of impotence. Of course, I mean those cases when a woman is healthy and completely ready for pregnancy.

Erectile dysfunction and infertility in men: What is important for conception?

In fact, the possibility of conception depends not on the quality of erection and duration of sexual intercourse, but on the quality of sperm. Even with a perfect long-lasting erection and exciting sex, the quality of the sperm can be so low that not a single sperm reaches its target, the egg.

Sperm quality gets influenced by many factors, including such as hypothermia, or vice versa, increased testicular temperature, radiation exposure, untreated sexual infections, and even stress.

How to increase the chances of having a baby in case of male infertility?

So, what to do? If you cannot conceive a child for two years or more, in any case, you should contact specialists in the field of reproductive medicine. Doctors should examine both partners and find out the real reason for the failure.

“Some seemingly harmless medicines, including antibiotics and steroid drugs for allergies, can reduce sperm production in men.”

Most likely, in addition to examinations for diagnosis and treatment, the doctor will advise you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction and infertility can neither overeat nor starve. The diet should be rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, fish, meat. Also, you may need to take supplements. In addition, better give up alcohol and smoking. Think of a high-quality family vacation that will help fight stress and get closer.

What if there is a link between erectile dysfunction and infertility?

In rare cases, the inability to conceive is nevertheless due to impotence. Theoretically, you can try artificial conception. However, with severe erectile dysfunction, a man cannot do even this, if you understand what I mean. Most often, in this case, experts advise getting rid of the main problem, that is, erectile dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction and infertility in men

Regardless of the roots of erection difficulties, specialists advise solving the problems with the help of effective medications such as Viagra or analogues. You can deal with the psychological or physiological causes of impotence at the same time.

Do not forget that erectile dysfunction can be caused by hormonal failure or other endocrine diseases. In this case, the link between erectile dysfunction and infertility in men can be direct. So, you have to first cure the underlying disease.

Viagra for COVID: Scientists claim to have found another use for the magic blue pill

The latest news have surprised even me: scientists think of the possibility to use the well-known Viagra blue pills as a treatment for COVID-19. On the other hand, right now, the scientific community knows little about a new disaster and how to deal with it, as well as about the possible treatment methods.

However, the very idea of using Viagra for COVID seems logical. This drug enhances the synthesis of nitric oxide by the cells of the body and dilates blood vessels. So, it allows better supply organs with oxygen. Thus, scientists hope that Viagra (Sildenafil) will expand the small vessels in the lungs and improve the vital indicators of patients with COVID-19. First of all, it concerns breathing easier.

Not the first time that Viagra has proven to be a multidisciplinary drug

Surely many heard that Viagra was originally created not for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but for completely different purposes. Pharmacologists hoped to find a new cure for patients with heart and vascular diseases. But then, during the first tests, the drug showed an amazing effect on male sexual function. So, as everyone knows, doctors almost abandoned the use of Sildenafil (Viagra) as a heart and blood pressure remedy, and offered a new product to men with impotence. And it still works great. For more than two decades, men all over the world have found this medicine both effective and safe.

Viagra for COVID

How can doctors use Viagra for COVID

Thus, a new proposal can make Sildenafil an even more multifunctional remedy. Of course, Viagra for COVID cannot work just like a remedy against a new pathogen. First of all, the very idea of using the drug involves helping to combat the bad effects of the disease. We all know that the virus primarily affects the lungs, but can also have a negative effect on other organs, including the heart. The ability of nitric oxide to relax blood vessels might help relieve symptoms and recover more quickly. Moreover, Viagra might be tested on medical personnel working with COVID-19 patients as a means of prevention. Scientists think that Sildenafil could even help avoid mechanical ventilation.

More details of the theory about the use of Viagra for COVID

Now experts want to test the effect of this drug to combat the consequences of COVID-19 in people who already have breathing problems, but who do not yet need mechanical ventilation. Scientists believe that Viagra will help expand the vessels that transport oxygen throughout the body. Also, they hope that patients will be able to overcome the respiratory complications due to the new virus.

“Coronavirus sex”: All you need to know about sex during the epidemic

It doesn’t matter in which country you live, and at what stage the development of the Covid-19 epidemic is there right now. Sooner or later, most of us face at least voluntary self-isolation. Unfortunately, life in quarantine, including sexual life, seems far from a bed of roses. In addition, many worry that during sexual intercourse, especially with unfamiliar partners, they can endanger their lives. So, what about sex in the new reality? I’ll try to honestly answer the most common questions about “Coronavirus sex” from a medical point of view.

Safe sex during an epidemic: How to protect yourself from infection

While in certain countries people have no choice, others choose self-isolation. Anyway, minimizing the chances of meeting the virus is a reasonable solution. You have already heard at least a bit of good advice, such as avoiding crowds, washing hands as often as possible, and wearing gloves when you go out. But what about sex? I will try to explain how to protect yourself from COVID-19 in your intimate life!

coronavirus sex

FAQ on Coronavirus sex safety

I have answered only the most important and frequently asked questions on sexual safety during the COVID epidemic.

  • Can I get coronavirus during sex? Yep. This virus gets transmitted from person to person through close contact. Moreover, a person can be contagious even without any signs of covid symptoms. On the other hand, you can get it with a common kiss, or just shaking hands. So, sex itself does not seem more harmful than any other communication.
  • Will usual protection with condoms help me stay safe? Everybody should use condoms anyway. Unfortunately, they cannot protect you from the virus itself.
  • Then, I cannot have sex anymore? These days, the best is to have the only partner and do all the best to protect yourself from the virus in your everyday life. Another option is virtual sex without any contact. Also, think of trying the medicine which probably protects from getting infected.

Coronavirus sex: How to overcome problems in bed that you did not expect

Many say that in 8-9 months after the start of quarantine we should expect the new baby boom. In fact, during home isolation people face many psychological problems. And these moods, as well as constantly being at home with the loved ones, do not contribute to good sex. Moreover, such a situation can dissociate, deprive desire, and even cause problems with erection in men. I have asked my fellow psychologists to help me give some tips on how not to forget about sex during an epidemic.

You have probably read some articles about what to do during self-isolation or quarantine. However, in practice, following these recommendations is not that easy. Problems with work, money, health or insurance can lead to depression. And depression often causes a decrease in libido and sexual function in men and women. Instead of reading, self-education and hobbies, many prefer to lie on the couch in sad thoughts. And this is a pretty normal reaction.

Tips on better Coronavirus sex and COVID-19 relationship

Then, what can we do? Here are some simple tips from psychologists and sexologists:

  • If you switched to remote work, clearly indicate the working hours. During these hours, close in your home-office, do not let anyone in, and do not get distracted by anything.
  • Now, you have no work at all? Then, create a list of routine tasks to do every single day. Reading a book, watering flowers in the garden, watching the news… Whatever.
  • But do not put sex in this list! Good sex can only be spontaneous.
  • Try to remember everything that you love to do, but previously had no time to. Do not force yourself to engage in a hobby if you do not want to, but give your hobby a chance.
  • Do not forget about sports. You can do it in your own garden, and even at home. The lack of physical activity adversely affects not only overall health, but also the psychological state and sex.
  • If you notice that you have problems with erection, although the desire has not gone away, order online any suitable medication to improve potency.
  • Try not to spend absolutely all the time with your partner, since in the end you will start to feel sick from each other.